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    Arizona 191

    I have a quick question:
    I am in Phoenix for the month of February, and have always wanted to ride AZ 191 (formerly 666, the Devil's Hwy). It looks like the highs for Alpine will be about 59-60F this Sunday and Monday, and am wondering if there are any contraindications or advice, should I try for it.

    Is it better to travel it south-north or north south?

    I'd probably try to do it all in one day from Phoenix if possible, as I have other commitments that I have to work around.


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    Have done it twice...once in Fall and cool....once in August. I am sure a local with current intel will add the info as well.
    I preferred the south to north run personally...the first big right turn past the Morenci Mine will wake you up and set your head clear for the next 90 miles. I was not ready and

    Great road for sure.
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    Good choice:)

    I've done it a few times too and a zillion twisties is this road! I don't believe a striaghtaway exists on most of it. Be prepared for cold, no matter what the weather man says. Its a high elevation road and snow will be present in the forests, the further North you get. Very nice ride. The Phoenix loop will make a long day, so start early. Your average speed will be cut sharply in the twisties and stops for photo's. Randy

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    South to North for sure. I would guess there will be snow up in Alpine and the road can get "necked" down as a result. Stop at the look over at Morenci... that is one big hole! Will you come back into the valley on Rt 60? (recommended!)
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    Around MP 223 (I believe) look for the "Arrow Tree" on the downhill side.
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    Cheers folks...

    South to north it is. I guess I'll be coming back via 60, from ShowLow to Globe and the Salt River Canyon.

    I love the American southwest, and have ridden or driven most of the highways, but 191 has thus far eluded me. Looking forward to it.

    I did the Salt River Canyon via 60, back in `97 on the Three Flags. At that time, it was full of bikes, cars and motorhomes and it was a real highlight. Unfortunately, I was going for it, and didn`t get any photos. Maybe this time.

    If the photo opportunities are too much on 191, I have a contingency of spending the night in Alpine or ShowLow.

    Again, thanks for the comments.


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    this is an awesome road, pic above taken riding from north to south.

    you could very possibly run into snow at the elevations this road attains.

    oh, and when the corner sign says "10 mph" it *means* 10mph.

    what will you be riding?

    if you're not afraid of a little sandy road riding, there is an awesome road that goes from Lake Roosevelt to Apache junction that you could ride on the way back.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DarrylRi View Post
    Around MP 223 (I believe) look for the "Arrow Tree" on the downhill side.
    Hey, here's that arrow tree on 191. Does make you pause!

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