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Thread: Hydration - Hydration Pack

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    Hydration - Hydration Pack

    It's easy to become dehydrated on a motorcycle, and dangerous in how it impairs your judgment, particularly if you are out for an all day ride or touring. Handling a water bottle as you are riding down the road is unsafe as well. A dehydration pack is a nice accessory to include in your arsenal of riding equipment. I just scored an exceptional buy on a good quality hydration pack through Cabela's. Here's the link if you are interested:

    Let me be clear that I'm not employed by Cabela's nor do I have any financial
    interest in the company. My purpose in posting this is simply to offer helpful
    information to those who may be interested. I hope this is helpful and stay hydrated out there!


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    "Camel packs" are a great idea. The only problem I have is how to get the nipple inside the full face helmet without a lot of maneuvering around. Had they been invented back in the 80's I could have had a more comfortable ride crossing Texas in the summer durng trips.
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    Mine has an angled bite valve. Tucks in nicely!

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    I would have been in deep trouble without mine last summer on my way to Redmond from Pa when I broke down in the Utah Dessert. Never venture out on long trips without it it is standard equipment on anything but day trips. I have a flip up full face so getting a drink is never a problem.

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    now that i am starting to carry my camera and lenses on my back, i'm trying a different direction on hydration.

    The MSR Dromedary Bag is my plan to combine hydration while riding with a source of water when camping in remote back country areas.

    you can attach a regular pour valve, a drink tube or a shower tube. The shower tube is shown below. i bought the largest size, 2-gallon, which should do me for at least two days.

    I don't have any pics of it on the bike yet... still experimenting with the best way to attach it.


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    I keep a 2 liter pack in the bottom of my tankbag. I bought one of those zip-clips for corporate access badges and clip it near the end of the tube, and hang it on the outside of the bag. I also got a 90 degree bite valve. Now I can grab the tube with my left hand, put it under my Shoei X-11 helmet, and drink. When I'm done, or if ever something needs my attention and hands more than that, I can just drop it and it will go right where it belongs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Motor31 View Post
    "Camel packs" are a great idea. The only problem I have is how to get the nipple inside the full face helmet without a lot of maneuvering around. Had they been invented back in the 80's I could have had a more comfortable ride crossing Texas in the summer durng trips.
    Motor, if you get on ebay, and search for angled bite-valve several will come up.
    I use one (90 degree) with a full face, and can slide it up under the helmet, have a drink, and then take it back out and let it hang. If you fill your camelback with ice, then pour gatoraide on top of it, it will stay cold almost all day!

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    Used my Camel Back last year traveling to Oregon and then back to Florida. When I stop for gas most stations let me fill my CB with ice & water for free. Now that I tow a Bushtec with a cooler it is packed with 1gl of water and at least 5lbs of ice providing extra water for camping and ice for a nightcap. The flip up / modular helmets greatly ease the use of a portable hydration device. Riding in hot/humid Fl summers is made much more tolerable when you can enjoy a cold drink while riding. I have tried flavored drinks but find water to provide me with the best refreshment. One tip for using a CB is to blow the water in the tube back into the reservoir when finished drinking, otherwise you will get warm water the next time you need a sip.
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    I add a bit of lemon juice to my water, takes away from the plastic taste of the CB bladder/tube. Not sure if the citric acid will reduce the lifespan of the CB but replacement bladders are available at Walmart pretty cheap.

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    I recently bought a geiggerrig camel type bag. The difference is it is pressurized and you don't have to suck on the bite valve to get your water. It will actually spray it if you want it to. They are in the vendor section over at advrider. Cost is about the same as a regular camelback......also they have a filter available where if you are in the backwoods and need water but clean water is not available you can put an inline filter on the pack and literally use water out of a pond, ditch etc. Overall I really like mine!

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    be careful how you pack these. I have had two puncture on me... well in about 20 years. The nice "Nalgene" one I bought at REI punctured because the handle on it was rubbing into the bladder and made a hole..


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    I bought a Walmart one with what I think is a silicon tube. It's very pliable and is easy to use with a full face helmet. It has held up for two hikes down the Grand Canyon and two bike trips. It did take several times of washing it out to get rid of the plastic taste. Rinsing with a baking soda solution helped.

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    +1 on the 90?? angled bite valve. Have a Bass Pro Shop nearby? They stock the valve. Fits under my Shoei full face nicely.
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