With spring approaching (yeah!) the ineffective "Watch For Motorcycles" awareness programs will likely start up again. I get frustrated with these yearly, somewhat lame programs because I feel they do not address the first and real issue of rider risk reduction, that being the RIDER is the first issue, NOT other road users. I could imagine a better rider awareness billboard/add program. It shows a number of common riders, sportbike, scooter, crusier, touring bike, all in different forms of riding gear, all pointing out at the rider reading the add, which says, "YOU and only you are FIRST responsible for YOURSELF and your riding."

Maybe, "You FIRST are the one to reduce your riding risks."

Maybe, "You choose to control your riding risks, not others. Act on it!"

Or maybe, "Rider safety starts and ends with YOU first, don't depend on others!"

Any other slogan ideas out there? I would love to present the idea to the state DOT to see if they would participate. The more ideas for slogans we get the better the chance that someone at the DOT might listen and apply it. Lets get a thread going to present ideas on how we can improve our OWN conditions first.
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