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Thread: RIDER Awareness program with real meat

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    RIDER Awareness program with real meat

    With spring approaching (yeah!) the ineffective "Watch For Motorcycles" awareness programs will likely start up again. I get frustrated with these yearly, somewhat lame programs because I feel they do not address the first and real issue of rider risk reduction, that being the RIDER is the first issue, NOT other road users. I could imagine a better rider awareness billboard/add program. It shows a number of common riders, sportbike, scooter, crusier, touring bike, all in different forms of riding gear, all pointing out at the rider reading the add, which says, "YOU and only you are FIRST responsible for YOURSELF and your riding."

    Maybe, "You FIRST are the one to reduce your riding risks."

    Maybe, "You choose to control your riding risks, not others. Act on it!"

    Or maybe, "Rider safety starts and ends with YOU first, don't depend on others!"

    Any other slogan ideas out there? I would love to present the idea to the state DOT to see if they would participate. The more ideas for slogans we get the better the chance that someone at the DOT might listen and apply it. Lets get a thread going to present ideas on how we can improve our OWN conditions first.
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    Also check out the MAC (Motorcycle Awareness Campaign) program founded in Louisiana. . We have just founded the first MAC chapter here in Alabama for this express purpose. The state of AL has no motorcycle awareness program like many states do. So we are hoping to get the attention of state leaders here and are working hard to get a program started now.

    However, the MAC approach is different than being just about the rider. MAC suggests that rider proper rider training, the rider operating safely and awareness of the general motoring public are all ultimately responsible for motorcycle safety. No doubt the rider and his safety and training are paramount and the first line of defense. But the ignorance and or inattention of the motoring public should not be underestimated in the cause of crashes. The MAC campaign is an advertising campaign through multiple media outlets to raise the overall awareness of motorcycles operating within the general traffic population. Individual, corporate memberships along with federal and state participation provide the funding for the campaign. This is a 100% volunteer operated initiative. all the monies collected goes to work FOR the campaign.

    When the MAC program is coordinated with state DOT and training entities such as the MSF, etc the overall impact for a safer motorcycling environment can be greatly enhanced...and that has been proven in LA.

    So I believe it is the responsibility of all of us to operate together safely. And that includes components of effective rider training, safety and the awareness of those around us.

    Check it out, MAC seeks ultimately to take the program nationwide. There would be greater greater numbers. We like the program here in AL and are working dilligently to make a positive difference!!
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    How about a billboard with a rider in bright, attention-getting ATGATT, yet wearing a cape and with hands on his hips, standing next to his BMW, and the slogan:

    "Remember: In a World of Super Heroes, You're The Invisible Man!"

    "Be Safe - Be SEEN. Be Around Tomorrow."

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenwald View Post
    how about a billboard with a rider in bright, attention-getting atgatt, next to his bmw, and the slogan:

    "remember: In a world of super heroes, you're the invisible man!"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenwald View Post
    How about a billboard with a rider in bright, attention-getting ATGATT, next to his BMW, and the slogan:

    "Remember: In a World of Super Heroes, You're The Invisible Man!"

    Quote Originally Posted by From MARS View Post

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Tuned in to T.V. this morning for the traffic report

    What I saw made me sick. A view of a 1971 BMW that was completely mangled ( the rider was dead). Hit head on by a drunk who crossed the center line. What rider safety awareness program can prepare you for the drunks on the road. This may not be the right forum, but I had to say something. I have in 20 years encountered three errant left turners while riding. Never when driving a car or my truck. Yes, we need to ride responsibly And I do like my barley, but more cars hit bikes than the other way around. We recognize our vulnerability, but I often feel like a moving target.

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    Left turners are a problem for everyone. I lost full use of my right arm and my career to one. Weds. one pulled out in front of me while I was driving my tow vehicle. That is a full sized semi. The idiot came within 3 feet of being spread all over the pavement. Had my brakes been even a little bit soft that mini van would have been under the truck.
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