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Thread: Boots for touring and general stuff?

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    i've had the Aerostitch Combat Touring Boot, the full length style. It was made by SIDI for Aerostitch. Once they are broken in, they are great! I had my RT fall on me in a parking lot and my foot was pinned under the driver foot peg. Luckily i was wearing the Aerostitch Combat Boots, not one scratch, bruise, or any broken bones!!!!! There is a fast lace system, a single ski boot latch at the midfoot and two strong velcro straps mid and high calf area. After two years, the only thing i need to replace is the laces. I glued a piece of leather on the left top forefoot because there is no extra tough surface for the gear shifter. It was wearing the smooth boot surface with shifts 2-6. I have HD tall boots, but always reach for the Aerostitch Combat Boots for the superior safety, support and build quality. I am able to put foot orthotics in the boots to give me full comfort when walking. Try the BMW tall socks, or the SOKZ, they are tall enough on the calf not to have the top leather touch your skin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockbottom View Post
    When Peter Fonda shows up at the end of "Wild Hogs," that's what he's wearing. 'nuff said.
    Pfft! Good thing he wasn't wearing UGGS. 'Nuff said...

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    ^^ hehe
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    I echo Deilenberger's positive remarks on BMW Allround boots. (See his post #15.) My feet have been happy from around freezing to about 100 F.

    My search for new boots last spring included Alpinestars with similar features and price to the BMW's. On my feet, the comfort difference was night and day - but just the opposite could be true for you. So, take a couple pair of different thickness riding socks with you when you go shopping. As noted, this type of boot does NOT require any break-in. Walk around the store for 15 minutes when you think you've found the right boot and you'll know. If you don't think you could wear them all day, keep looking.

    And do think about ankle protection. A couple weeks ago, a fellow New Zealand tourer mis-judged one of the thousands of tight turns we encountered and rode into a ditch. Worst body damage was to the outside of his right ankle - sprained and badly swollen, he was able to keep riding. Looking at his Sidi riding boots, (not sure of the model) I noticed that there was some cushioning on the inside ankles but not the outside. Whether the ankle protection on my Allrounds (both sides) would have saved him a lot of discomfort is open to question, of course. His Joe Rocket jacket is also due for replacement, but his arm is just fine.

    Another rider on that trip experienced two tipovers with her big Triumph cruiser. Riding pants would probably have prevented the bruises on both her legs. She only rented a helmet because NZ law requires it. On the second tipover she hit her head on another bike hard enough to ruin the helmet, but only netting her a sore neck. My guess is that, back home on her Harley, protective gear won't be on her shopping list. Sorry to get off topic.
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    could you tell me the name of these boots and possibly where one could buy them? Bob

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    Danner Acadia 400G Uniform Boots

    The boots are called Acadia 400G Uniform Boots and they can be purchased from Danner at the address shown below or from Cabala's. Both are the same price.
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    I went with Cabela's own.

    These days a $300+ boot is a bit impractical.

    Take a look here.

    Pretty comfortable out of the box with removable inserts.

    Little bit of styling too...
    Not bad for under $100!

    I had to relace as they have a hole for it to pass through the tongue.
    That made it difficult to 'snug up'... So far that's my only complaint.
    Still breaking them in.

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    The only problem with boots like that is they don't really offer specialized protection. My uncle is a case in point. Back about 20 years ago, he went down in what essentially were leather boots like those. The toes ground almost entirely out of them. He suffered road rash to his feet, as well as to his knees, & other parts of his legs due to wearing jeans. Remembering what he went through, keeps me in Motorcycle specific clothing dang near all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JStrube View Post
    The only problem with boots like that is they don't really offer specialized protection...{snip}
    Exactly. My experience.

    I now use these:

    Tourmaster Response SC

    Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex

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    Discomfort = Distraction.

    Majority of those boots don't fit me correctly.
    Therefore I adjust/adapt.

    I'll wrap my feet in leather before 'breathable' Goretex any day.

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    Thumbs down

    All nice looking ( and expensive) motorcycle boots.
    Too bad they don't come wide enough for me. Even if they bother to mention widths. EE ain't even close.
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    Quote Originally Posted by THEO View Post
    Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex
    I bet that buckle would hurt after slapping the interstate...

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    Last I heard buckles don't feel pain....

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    Quote Originally Posted by kctay View Post
    Last I heard buckles don't feel pain....
    Neither does your foot after impact.

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    When I see a shoe or boot that does not specify the width, I KNOW they will NOT fit me. I have a wide foot. And don't get me started on those morons who say, "the sizes run wide", or....just buy a half size larger. NO...make a boot like it is supposed to be made, with varying widths for the comfort of the wearers. I will step off my soapbox now and back into my Chippewa boots 11 E.
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