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Thread: Boots for touring and general stuff?

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    Boots for touring and general stuff?

    What would you suggest for a good pair of boots for touring, running around town, and doing other stuff when on the road like walking and just hanging out?

    Any features I need to look for? Specific brands that are better than others?

    Any help and advice is greatly appreciated...


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    Dave, I just bought a pair of Aerostich Combat Jr.s & have been breaking them in by wearing them during the day until my feet hurt. I lasted all day at work in the office & a mile walk with my wife before taking them off. They are breaking in nicely & should end up feeling like any other day boot. This from a guy who wears short hikers/athletics 99% of the time!

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    Depends on what you are looking for specifically. I have a pair of cruiserworks boots.... totally waterproof, comfortable to walk in all day, but could have more protection in the ankle and shin area. For those days you use Sidi boots.... I like the Canyon and a couple of other boots that they have. The Aerostich Combat Lites are not a bad choice... but they need to be broken in, which takes some time...
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    I wear TCX Jupiter boots and my wife wears Rev'it Fighter H20 boots. Neither of us have any complaints. We tour quite a bit and spend a lot of hours in the boots (although my wife usually changes to sandals when we get off the bike).

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    I'm currently wearing non-motorcycle specific boots. I have a pair of Bates tactical boots; the type officers wear. They are waterproof (gortex), comfy, lightweight, have good protection, and have a side zipper for easy on/off. Very pleased with them on and off the bike. Here's a link to the Bates site, but they can be found cheaper than the msrp here.

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    +1 on the Sidi Canyon Goretex.

    I've been wearing these for about 7 weeks now to break them in before the spring riding season. They've broken in quite well, are very comfortable, and have become my every day shoe (when I'm not teaching). These are quality boots with a great fit (for me) and extremely good shin, ankle, heel, and toe protection. Yeah, I know they're pricey...but well worth it IMHO.

    Note: I wear a US 10-10.5 medium width athletic and hiking shoe and the Sidi EU 44 fit me perfectly.

    One reviewer said that if you have large calves, the fit may be too tight up top. I have larger calves and find that fit at the top can be dialed in by the position of the velcro closure. There is a ski-boot type strap across the uppers which takes a bit of getting used to but it is a snap once mastered.

    I understand that the Sidi On Roads (>$$$) are quite good as well.

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    +2 on the Sidi Canyon Goretex.

    What he said.
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    As I am an all-weather rider, my primary criteria for boots is that they be waterproof. As in 100% six-hour deluge proof.

    Currently I have two pair: BMW Allround boots and the Oxtar (now TCX) Infinity.

    The BMW boots are price competitive with aftermarket brands like Sidi. (which I've owned before) They are Gore-tex lined, totally waterproof, not too hot in warm weather and comfortable to wear walking around off the bike. They are my commute to work and day trip boots.

    The Infinities are a heavy weight touring boot really aimed at the dual-sport crowd. Warm, waterproof (Gore-tex) and very sturdy, with superior armour and protection. In spite of their bulk they are very comfortable. I wore them on a trip around the Trans-Labrador Highway with temperatures dipping into the 40's F and days of pouring rain and the last thing I worried about was the comfort of my feet.

    I'd recommend either.

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    +1 on the TCX (formerly Oxtar). I'm on my second pair. They are comfortable enough for all day riding/walking. I've also worn them all day on the range when teaching the MSF course. I find them very comfortable.

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    I tried about 10 different boots including BMW, Diadora, Gaerne, TCX, and others before finding one that is as close to perfect as I think I'll get: Chippewa Rallies.

    For me, anything Gortex gets uncomfortable quickly. I don't normally ride for extended periods in the rain and can use covers if I do. I needed something fairly wide. And I didn't want ones made in China.

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    That Chippewa is nice looking boot, especially for $189. I have a wide foot too, and larger than average calves. I had to special order my 10" White's work boots to get them around my calf... wondering if the 12" Chip will be big enough.

    None of the three Chippewa dealers around me stock them, and aren't too keen on ordering a pair just so I can try them on.
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    I got mine on Ebay for like $130 because I was pretty sure of the size.

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    I use Cruiserworks boots and they are the best for me. Daily use, commuting, walking around, etc. Big bonus is their wide range of sizes. For men, up to size 14 extra wide. And waterproof.


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    Wide = limited

    I am so perturbed that the majority of manufacturres do not size their shoes with width listed that i am limited to Chippewa and a very few others.

    I wear an 11 WIDE.

    When I was growing up, all shoes came with both length and width specified. The made in china crap is all medium.
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    I'll second the vote on the BMW AllRound boots.

    I've tried non-moto boots on a bike, and they always come up a bit short for some reason (not waterproof, or laces that can catch on a foot-peg with resulting whooooo-boy when you go to put a foot down) or a shape that's hard to shift with.

    I've tried other brands of moto boots (my prior favorites - Prexport are NLA) but even the "waterproof just like Goretex" ones eventually suddenly turn completely porous (like overnight sort of suddenly.)

    The AllRound boot is comfortable from the get-go, totally waterproof (I mean ALL day for several day's of rain riding waterproof, waterproof enough I use them when clearing snow) and seem to hold up well. Mine have about 40,000 miles on them now, and while some of the tread is worn off the soles - the rest of the boot still looks like new, with very little care (once a year waxing usually.) I also can walk ALL day in them, and they're more comfortable for walking for me then a pair of walking shoes.

    Best part - the price. Around $130 from your friendly local dealer. Wait for an open house when the dealer gives 10-15% off on everything and they're a real steal. BMW makes some pretty good gear - this is one bit of gear that isn't overpriced.
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