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Thread: Rebuild Sites with Photos

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    Rebuild Sites with Photos

    Kurt, aka kmkahuna, has scoured the 'net...OK, our little corner anyway, and has put together a very nice list of some of our hardworking and photo-capable members and bike afficionados. Below are collection of links which highlight bike projects, by year, the thread, and whether or not there's a public photo site to support it.

    Having this as a resource to can be very valuable, both to the newbie and seasoned wrench. It will also give us something to refer to when we don't know how that thingy goes!!

    If you know of something worthy of this list, please let me know via PM and I'll look into adding it.

    Thanks again to Kurt for getting this started.


    1971 R60/5 Alternator/Ignition Upgrade (Part 1)

    1971 R60/5 Alternator/Ignition Upgrade (Part 2)

    1971 R60/5 Brakes and Bearings

    1971 R60/5 Crankcase Breather

    1971 R60/5 Starter Replacement

    1971 R75/5 BEinIN Photo site

    1971 R75/5 Shane Photo Site

    1972 R50/5 Barrett Photo Site

    1972 R75/5 Gprobert Photo site None

    1972 R75/5 Phil Photo site None

    1972 R75/5 Hankpfister Photo site Pics Posted, no public site

    1973 R60/5 Sumran Photo site None

    1973 R75/5 by Arnold Photos and Blog

    1973 R75/5 by Brook Bing Carb

    1973 R75/5 by Brook Additional Rebuild Topics Photo site

    1973 R75/5 Many pages:

    1974 R90/6 Crazydrummerdude Photo site Pics Posted, no public site??

    1974 R75/6 Crazydrummerdude Photo site Pics Posted, no public site??

    1974 R60/6

    1975 R75/6 Pickle Photo site None

    1975 R75/6 Brook - into an "S" model Photo site

    1976 R90/6 DERost http://v/showthread.php?t=41985 Photo site

    1976 R75/7 Pops Photo site None

    1976 R90/6 Geisterfahrer Photo site Pics Posted, no public site??

    1977 R75/7 Gertiektn Photo site None

    1977 R75/7 Marine Photo site None

    1977 R100RS Rbleau Photo site None

    1977 R100RS Brook Reams Photo Site

    1978 R100/7 20774 Filter Change

    1978 R100/7 Kmkahuna Photo site

    1978 R100/7 Kmkahuna (2nd photo site)

    1978 R100/7 Kmkahuna Carb Rebuild

    1978 R100RS Dap Spackled Photo site

    1978 R100/7 Mike V Photo site

    1978 R100/7 Mike V Bearings

    1978 R100/7 Mike V Carbs

    1978 R100/7 Mike V Front Brakes

    1978 R100/7 20774 Topend Overhaul

    1978 R80/7 Troy Causey Photos in progress

    1978 R80/7 Wynk

    1979 R80 Cruisin Photo site None

    1979 R100T Lonelobo Photo site Pics Posted, no public site??

    1979 R100RS Habdala Photo site Pics Posted, no public site??

    1979 R100RT 336-Cam Installation

    1979 R65 Ken G. Rear Main Seal Replacement

    1981 R650 Mike V Photo site

    1981 R80G/S Infra Photo site None

    1981 R100RS RapidDog Photos

    1983 R100/T Dap Spackled Photo site

    1983 R100RS Hairsmith Photo site

    1983 R100RS Brook Reams Photo site

    1984 R100CS Dave Swider: Kbasa Photo site

    1984 R80G/S Richard: 04R1150RS Photo site

    1984 R80G/S Richard - Long version of above Photo site See above

    1984 R100 Gravity Photo site None

    1984 R100RT Bob: RAColeman Photo site None

    1984 R100RT Rewire using Motogadget m-Unit Videos

    1991 R100GS RapidDog Photos

    1993 R100GS Infra Photo site None

    R80GSPD Greg

    Brown Sidestand Install/Mod

    Turn Signal Flasher Repair

    Gas Tank Reline (POR-15)

    Pushrod Tube Seals
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