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Thread: Nova Scotia and NF after Bloomsburg

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    Nova Scotia and NF after Bloomsburg

    After the MOA rally in Bloomsburg my wife and I (on 2 bikes) want to explore Nova Scotia and NF. We're on GS's but don't do serious offroad. We're retired so time is not a big issue. We prefer to camp.
    Is 3-4 weeks a reasonable amount of time for this area?
    I would appreciate any suggestions for routes and places to see.
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    I am presuming that you mean 3-4 weeks after the MOA. Take four and then plan carefully. While I can suggest around Nova Scotia, my Nfld experience is only on the west side of the province. West side is beautiful with Gros Morne and the viking settlement ruins/reenactments in L'ans aux Meadows. Calculate the boat and long distances to cover Nfld. if you want to 'see it all'..... sort of. Four weeks in all is really pushing it but it can be done. Maybe you split both Nfld and Nova Scotia by settling for a flavor of both. Miss a lot but you'll see a lot. Look at our Salty Fog Riders Rally mapping (see link below) for some northern Nova Scotia ideas if you want to head to Nfld (in part). Four weeks might be ok for that gig. Glad that you want to explore our part of the world! - Bob
    Bob Weber
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    Fundy Park (near Alma NB) - is a must see, 27' tides, heated salt water pool, a 9 hole golf course with the largest drop from the first tee I have ever seen.

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    If you plan on going to Newfoundland, read up and plan ahead to deal with the bureaucratic policies involved in a ferry crossing. Huge PITA compared to the motorcycle friendly atmosphere on BC ferries. Next time I travel east, I will have to plan ahead if I wish to travel to Newfoundland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul 56330 View Post
    After the MOA rally in Bloomsburg my wife and I (on 2 bikes) want to explore Nova Scotia and NF. We're on GS's but don't do serious offroad. We're retired so time is not a big issue. We prefer to camp.
    Is 3-4 weeks a reasonable amount of time for this area?
    I would appreciate any suggestions for routes and places to see.
    In NS, Lunenburg (just south of Halifax) is a must. Quaint fishing village with a great history, good restaurants, and B&Bs. We took a short float on one of the sail boats that was nice also.

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    4 weeks is ok understand that after bloomsburg the Nova Scotia / Newfoundland will be well over 4000 miles easily 5k or more if you wander around

    I've made the trip twice on motorcycle...had no problem with the Ferry's. Friendly helpfull people...but you will have to anchor your bike...they give you ropes and some chocks. the short ferry(west side) is 6 hrs and the long one(east side) is about 18hrs... something like 500miles from one ferry dock to the other

    On Newfoundland go up the west side as others have said, Gros Morne Park is spectacular, Port au Choix is beautiful, You can take the Ferry over to Labrador to Blanc Sablon / Red Bay and take the Trans labardor Highway back to Baie Como Qebec...about 500 miles of dirt. A real wilderness ride...long roads, short trees. I highle recommed going to St Anthony and seeing Anse aux Meadows where the Vikings settled about 1000 years ago, Norstead Village and especially Norseman Resturant at Anse aux Meadows. An exceptional resturant in a modest setting at a very remote locaton.

    Nova Scotia is beautiful ..riding the west shore is best, Alexander Grahm Bell museun in Baddeck(central) is suprising.

    Prince Edward Island is a world apart...much warmer and very nice

    lots more too much to tell


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    If you are looking for a decent campground in Maine before heading to New Brunswick and then Nova Scotia, the Cobbscook State Park on Rte 1 just before Calais (entry point into Canada) is highly recommended. Rte 1 through Maine is beautiful but you'll be seriously sidetracked with all of the lovely little towns you pass through and roadside lobster shacks for meals.

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    Book your ferry passage for Newfoundland. Last summer, a couple of friends were turned away at the ferry headed to Nfld because they had not pre-booked.
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    Cool Wx

    Check the weather before you go. I've been to NS in good and bad weather. Maritime bad weather makes you wish you were home in bed.

    My one ride around NFLD was excellent, and I had great weather.

    Stories abound of passengers inconvenienced when storms delay the ferries, or if the ships need repair. I prebooked, and had no problem. My route was Sydney-Port au Basques-Gros Morne-L'Anse aux Meadows-Gander-St. John's-Argentia-Sydney. That allowed the longer ferry ride to rest up before the long ride home to OH. Six nights in NFLD seems a minimum, double that to really see the place. It's bigger than it looks on the map.

    I had a great time in East NFLD, especially in St. John's. The West side of the Island is mostly scenic. St. John's is one of the friendliest places I've ever visited.

    Do Not Ride At Night in NFLD.

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    Meat Cove, Cape Bretton is a must

    This place is the end of the world. 100 foot cliffs. Nothing but ocean. Whales swimming off shore. It is most incredible. Google it and I am sure you will see my RT, tent and the incredible views. I am headed back to NS and PEI later in August. Great people. Great riding. Worth the return visit 3 of the last 4 years!!

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    Just did 16 days in Canada. From Bloomsburg you could hit Acadia National/Bar Harbor Maine first

    Enter Canada though Maine into New Brunswick and see Saint John and then you have a decision. PEI is worth seeing, the bridge alone is worth crossing at 13km. This is Wood Island Lighthouse.

    However, you could take the Ferry from Saint John to Digby, Nova Scotia. That way you could ride along the coast of Nova Scotia which is much more scenic than PEI. Halifax is a definite and while there Peggys Cove is a must.

    I am sure Cabot Trail is on your list.

    The 2 photos along the Cabot Trail were all in one day and 4 hours apart so prepare for everything. We did do NF as we did not plan the time for that trip. We came down from Quebec and did all of this and then headed back through Maine. At some point I want to follow 132 from Quebec and then follow the coast of New Brunswick down to Nova Scotia and go to NF. While in Nova Scotia and on Cape Breton watch the trees. You will see Bald Eagles if you pay attention. Considering their size you will spot them at 70mph.

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