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    Birthday Ride

    Today is my birthday, and I decided due to a set of circumstances that just fell into place, To make it a special one. I drove a truck that I havent driven 1000 miles in the last two years, 110 miles away to look at a couple airheads that were advertised on the IBMWR site, too bad they weren't on here, but I digress.

    Upon arriving in Austintown, I visited a local dealership, Roman Cycles. If you want a Rockster, give them a call. They have every model in stock, including the anniversary model that el dookey has. Anyway, I let the guy drive the truck to his place, and get a feel for it. When we got there, I was amazed to see a R1100S, R1100RS, two 1983 R100RS, and a 1984 R80ST. I had gone with the intention of getting a first generation RS to keep my last year bike company. (hmmmm maybe a last year airhead RS would be the real ticket)

    I saw more work than I wanted to do on the R100RS, and the other one didnt make my heart go pitty pat. It was really nice, but not the one I wanted. I decided to ride the R80ST, and it put a really big smile on my face. We saw a notary, made the swap, and I rode the R80ST home.

    It was not practical (mid 30's) and not a lot of daylight to make the ride home a back roads affair, so it was 90 miles of slab to make time and 10 rural miles to end the ride. I reset the trip odometer, remembered to turn on the petcock, (havent done that in a while) Pushed the choke lever to full and it fired right up. Gonna have to get used to putting the choke off as it warms up again, havent had to do that in a while either.

    I felt comfortable on the bike from the beginning, but I wondered how it would do with a Plexifaring 3 and a headwind on the way home. When you hear over and over that more horsepower is better, you wonder what 45 horsepower will do. After accelerating up the ramp and merging into light traffic, I realized that there would be no problem at all, even though it was carrying 230 pounds and pushing that ugly but effective barn door fork mounted fairing down the interstate.

    I finally remembered that no gas gauge and no warning light means you have a reserve on the petcock, after the bike died as I was making outstanding time headed homeward into the sun, which was getting low on the horizon.

    As I made my way along the berm until the carbs got gas again, I was passed by the semis that I had just gone by. Damn, another fork dancing session as I go by, because of the turbulance slapping the future snow sled attached to them.

    A quick stop for gas, and the discovery that the gas cap screws out on this particular model. you would think the lack of a hinge would be a clue

    As I neared home, I decided to stop at a tiny restaurant that is located just outside the entrance to where I live. The place was definately in a Valentine's Day mood. The tablecloths were pink and red, there were crepe paper streamers in white, pink and red forming spokes from the center of the room, draping down in an arc. Hearts and cupids adorned the walls where normally resides very large oriental fans with scenes depicting Thailand, where the owner is from. There were even rose petals scattered on a ledge that separates the counter from the main dining area.

    I was pleased to see that the Valentine's Day special (they are closed on Mondays) Was shrimp cocktail, salad ( I choose applesauce, because salad is what food eats) Prime rib au jus, with choice of potato, and strawberry cheesecake, for 15.95.

    As I ate my meal and listened to the voices of the couples having dinner, laughing and enjoying a nice meal I realized that this birthday ride would be one long remembered.
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    Talking Happy Birthday!!!

    Happy B'day!! Sounds like you had a great day getting another Bike

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    Birthday Ride

    Hmmm, You normally post pictures with your ride stories ... ;-)

    I am glad you finally broke out of the snow and got to ride a bit !

    Happy Birthday !

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    Talking B'day ride

    Happy B'day to you, I had an 83 R80ST,was an amazing bike did everything well, no maint. issues. Sold it and was sorry not long after, had a few other bikes but none handled as well till last year when my local BMW dealer talked me into trying the Rockster. He knew I missed the ST, anyway the Rockster did everything the ST did, just better, put a huge smile back on my face. Been riding "LINDY" the Rockster ever since, a smile every time I get on.

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    Thumbs up

    happy birthday to yew, happy birthday to you...happy biiiiiiirthday loraz and new bike....happy birthday to you.
    many more (bikes and birthdays)
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    Great story! I'm chuckling about the fork-mounted fairing and that you had to switch to reserve on the freeway

    Happy Birthday Loraz!

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    What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! And what a wonderful bike!!!

    Thanks for sharing your ride - and your joy . . .

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    Happy Birthday and Stuff

    I see you got a nice present for yourself. Very cool.

    It isn't what you ride, it is if you ride

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