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Thread: Great River Road Wisconsin

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    Great River Road Wisconsin

    I am planning my spring/summer trips and was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the Great River Road (Rt133) along the Mighty Mississippi River? Comments, things to avoid, "must see", "must eat/drink etc.

    I will be travelling from the west suburbs of Chicago. Will stop off at Galena, IL(Ulyssses S. Grant's home) for a few hours and then head up to Wisconsin.

    Any other recommendations along the "Big Muddy' would be appreciated.

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    Finally somewhere I've been.....
    Must stops (in my mind)
    Excellant and cheap camping at Pikes Peak state park in Iowa, just cross from Prarie Du Chien

    Stop for a burger at pete's burger (don't ask for cheese)in Prarie, and pick up beverages at the only Liquor/gun/boat shop I've ever been at across the street.,%202004.htm

    Another good stop is the Cabela's outside of town, just for the stuffed anmals (not the teddy bear kind).

    See the bluffs in Lacrosse

    Laura Ingall's Birthplace in Pepin

    house with a boulder in it, Wabasha MN (home of grumpy old men), late summer the Chiefs practice in river falls.

    More info:


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    Have been up an down the great River Road from St Louie to Minni's-Apples on both sides. Illynoise,Io'ah,Winns-consin,Misery,and Mini-soda's. Can't really say one side (east) is better than the other (west),so I did both sides.
    I will admit,I favor the autumn riding best,especially up in Winns-consin,Mini-soda.!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

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