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Thread: Boxer Owners in Inland Empire Area? (Spokane/CDA)

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    Boxer Owners in Inland Empire Area? (Spokane/CDA)

    Just switched from a K-bike to a new R1200GSA 30th Anniv and am interested in meeting owners/riders in the area for rides and general camaraderie. 43yo rider on two wheels for 30 years. Mostly paved stuff but with this new machine wanting to explore more of the "dirty" side of riding (within reason!)

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    Hi 110587

    I live in CDA and ride a GS. I am an old retired guy and have to limit my dailey miles due to an old man's back, but I still enjoy riding my GS. I often take my fly fishing gear and head up the CDA river in the summer.
    2007 R1200GS

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    Do airhead owner/riders "count"?

    79 R65 about to be pulled from wintering in a friend's barn, and due for some pre-season rehab this spring.

    Marty in Spokane Valley

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    Just joined back up

    I also just got a GS. I'm also a former K-Bike owner. I've had my new steed out on the gravel just a little bit, but I'm looking to do a bit more exploring next summer. It would be great to have some company. I'm also new to the Spokane Area. Let me know if you'd like to get coffee or go for a ride some time.

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