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Thread: Converting GPS routes/maps

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    Converting GPS routes/maps

    Is it possible to convert a Garmin GPS map route to TomTom or Magellan? Most postings of routes seem to be for Garmin, which I don't have.

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    Walter -

    Many sites that offer GPS routing files publish them for all three major brands of auto/bike GPSr units. Better yet, an open source standard has been developed to allow GPSr routes to be exchanged among manufacturers. Known as the GPX format, this text-based file is based on XML and has been adopted by most manufacturers as an "import format" for their units. There are also many programs for the Mac and Win platforms that help manipulate and extend GPSr/GPX files.

    For and explanation of the GPX file format and use, go HERE.

    For a comprehensive list of resources to manipulate GPSr/GPX files, go HERE.

    Note that MapQuest and GoogleMaps can export to the GPX format. As a Garmin owner, I usually forego MapSource software and use MapQuest (NAVTEQ data) to create a GPX routing file. My Garmin software can then import the GPX file and convert it to a native routing file.


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    I did a google and found this.

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    TYRE (Trace Your Route Everywhere) supports both Garmin & TomTom, so you could pass a route through that. Shareware online.

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