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Thread: Moumting a GPS on a R1100RS

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    Moumting a GPS on a R1100RS

    I have a Zumo 550 I want to mount to my 1995 R1100RS. I just installed hand guards making the mirror bolts too short for my ram mount (where I had it mounted).

    My problem is where and how to mount to the bike.


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    I used the left side pinch bolt that holds the upper triple clamp. A spacer was used with the (M10 or M8) bolt and the RAM ball base was affixed. I use a 3-inch arm and GPS mount when I want to put the GPS on the bike. I use a GPS power source that plugs into the aux power socket.

    This is the ball base that I've affixed to the triple clamp.

    This tool on the RAM website lets you input your GPS and bike and a suggestion is made for a mount. The suggested method is NOT how I mounted my GPS, however.

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    I have a small machine shop at home (lathes, mills, welders, etc) and make stuff as a hobby. If you can't find what ya want and are able to draw it out with some dimensions, I'd be happy to try to make it for you.

    Free of charge - unless it calls for some rather large pieces of aluminum - then you'll need to supply the metal. But all work is free of charge.

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    I found some comments I made from a post from earlier last year when someone else was asking that question:

    I have this exact setup on my R1150RS, from Gadgetguy.
    Like the pics on their website, I have my Zumo 550 mounted on it. Rock solid. Because I didn't think it looked right with the little plastic cover missing from around the ignition (you have to remove it because of the longer bolts that come with the kit), I modified it to accomodate the bolts and a small rounded out area to accomodate the power wire. The setup allows you to angle it fore and aft, and there is some room for side-to-side movement along that aluminum rod that it parks on. Also, it absolutely does not get in the way of the idiot lights.
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    I mounted a Zumo 550 to my R1100RS last summer using a U-Bolt/Ram Mount. It sits on the left handle bar...which may or may not appeal to you. I guess it is a personal preference thing.

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    Using a U-Bolt/Ram Mount

    Is this what we are talking about?

    RAM Mount .50 Inch to 1.25 Inch Zinc U-Bolt Base with 1 Inch Ball (U)

    If it is, I like it.

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    Yes. I used Flars post (#4) as a model from this earlier thread. It is a pretty inexpesive solution and I am not mechanically inclined so no drilling, etc was bonus for me.

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