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Thread: BlueTooth connectivity

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    BlueTooth connectivity

    Looking to replace aging Shoie. Have been looking at BMW system 6 and Schuberth C3. Would like to also use blue-tooth communication for bike to bike communication with buddy who is HD rider.

    I see that Schuberth C3 SRC communication system can be paired with Scala Rider blue-tooth systems.

    Can BMW helmet (BMW Motorrad communication system) also be paired to other systems like Scala?

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    Brand X
    I don't have answers to your questions but it might be possible to communicate from one bike to another at a range of about 30 feet using just the bluetooth transmissions if both riders are using the same pair codings.

    I just jumped in on your thread since I'm interested in buying a bluetooth helmet sometime and I don't want to make a $500.00 mistake. I hope to use the same helmet for bikes and snowmachines primarily for bluetoothy HAM radios so whatever bluetooth helmet I get will need to have a Push To Talk switch.

    Hope you get better answers than mine. Looking forward to hearing what people have to say about the different helmets.

    Check out the "Helmet audio blows" thread on the next page. Some comments on the C3 and more bike-comm experience than me.
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