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Thread: S1000RR Insurance Costs . . . .

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    Let them know...

    I wrote a very detailed letter to my insurance company telling them why I dropped them when I bought my S1000RR. I am sure they will not care about me as an individual but I am convinced that if enough responsible S1000rr riders let them know that we feel we are being discriminated against change may come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 58058D View Post
    I am 56, no tickets for 4 years, and that one was removed after traffic school, last one prior to that was going to the Durango National......I have an 09 K13S and mistakenly signed up for an average of about 12,000 miles for my first year of coverage (both parents had just passed and I was just not paying attention and thought it was an aggregate for both bikes). It ran a prorated $1400 or so for 9 months added to my existing RS. When it came time to reup, I compared lots of others and ran all their calculators, etc. No matter the mileage I promised to stay under, the RS added a couple hundred a year to anything I did with the S. So, I played with all those calculators with the S, the S1000RR, GSXR1000, R1, ZX10, etc. It all came up the same and for me in rural CA, it was totally dependant on mileage. Under 2000 for the other bikes yielded abouf $900/yr as I recall. The next break was either 4 or 5k, consistent across bikes and/or vendors just add $300+/- / yr, same for under 9k miles, add another $300/yr. The increase was a little less for 12,000 miles. So, I said I rode the S under 4000 per year, since I still had a ton of miles I could have ridden in the first year, I could have 13,000 on it at renewal. And so far Foremost (my existing carrier and best price by a hundred or so so I stayed with them) has never certified my mileage on any bike in the last 150,000 miles, so I feel 'safe'. As I mentioned, it did not matter whether I had a GSXR, R1, ZX, S1000RR, or K13S, they were all lumped as High Performance. Standard 100/300/50 coverage with $500 deductable, approx $1400 for the two per year. I always wrestle with telling them I commute on the bike and how much I ride, but figure if I don't and then get totalled, I will really get totalled if they can call me on it.
    Thats odd! I have never been asked by any insurance company how many miles a year I ride a bike.
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    S1000rr Insurance

    I have 3 bikes on my insurance, and believe it or not, the TL1000s is the most costly. It apparently has a huge history of accidents, no theft protection, no traction control, no ABS, etc. etc.
    That said, I am 48 and my 3 rides (none is a primary and all are considered "recreational vehicles") is app. 130.00usd or so a month. The keys are:

    1.) No tickets
    2.) No accidents
    3.) Being over 25
    4.) Not a primary commuting vehicle

    Note that my policy does not cover accidents off of a public road. That means if I crunch the GS on public land or offroad, it's my bill; also means that if I crash on a track, it's my bill, too Thus the TL, bought it cheap, fixed it up (not cheap), and track ride it. You also have to be careful of the collateral issue if your motorcycle is under lien. Say you total your bike on the track while under lien and the insurance doesn't cover it. The bank can call your loan defaulted since no collateral now exists to cover the loan. Another thing to watch out for.

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    18 year old single male living in city of Chicago annual premium is $11.445 (yes11K/year).My buddy's kid just got the bill for it from All****e ,dad make him pay the bike off, get liability only and a lecture that if he total the bike is his money.
    Some will say the 18 year old kid got no business riding the bike but he did few rides with me and looks like a responsible kid.
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