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Thread: self cancelling turn signals

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    self cancelling turn signals

    I'd like to install the self cancelling turn signal module offered on Bob's BMW website on my wife's RT. My local dealer cautions that it may fry the wiring harness.....any positive or negative comments welcome!

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    go for it

    I have the Kisan unit. About $99. There are plenty out there and I've never heard of a problem. The company has been around a while and makes several products. I'm sure if there was a problem you would have heard about it and they would have fixed it by now. Besides it also has running lights!

    How would it "fry" anything? It's using the same voltage and currents. It just has a timer in the flaser unit.


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    it does not already have them

    even the S has them, but a lot of people do not realize it...


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    Signal Minders

    I've had it on my 1150RT since they came out & no probs so far.

    I changed my rear turn signal bulbs to Red LEDs and they're powerful enough to show Red through the Amber lens. I've got Red running lights to the rear and Amber to the front. And you can select 2 levels of brightness + off.
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    I have a '96 R1100RT with the Kisan turnsignal canceller/running lights. I like the running lights,get frustrated with my signals turning off too soon in a turn lane, and continue to have problems with my ABS faulting at the start of the day (note:do not use a gel battery in the older RTs because they will not put out enough initial starting current and will fault nearly all the time). When I ask my mechanic why I am still having the faults, he says:"if you take out the Kisan, everything will work OK"

    I don't know, but my oilhead seems to be nearly as cantankerous as my old airheads--my K75's were still be most reliable Beemers that I have had.

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    I have the Kisan unit on my '96 GS. It works fine with one minor problem/side effect. When I use my horn the signal lights turn into running lights. I have to turn them off the next time I stop and turn the bike off. It's easy enough but annoying.

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