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Thread: U-ship quote

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    U-ship quote

    I'm wondering if anyone has gotten a u-ship qoute for shipping to/from Rally?

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    I had bad luck with Uship, so be careful. I also had good luck, but with motorcycles.

    Talk to someone who used the shipper at least
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    I have used Uship with good results. I made it very clear in my bid listing who I was looking for to trailer my GSA to Chicago from KC. It weeded out the flakes, and I got a really good guy.

    It might be a bit early to put out for bid now, and the same guy that did my GSA haul is interested in a package deal from Chicago to Portland/Salem.
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    With U-ship it's important to understand that they ARE NOT all the same company. Also many shippers use brokers that may "seem to be" the shipper when they are only a telephone/computer operation. The delicate thing about a rally shipping situ. is the timing as it can be hard to get things shipped at an exact PU/delivery timing.

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    I find this is interesting. The reason is that for at least the past 10 or more MOA rallies I have enjoyed the ride to and from the rally, but have parked my bike and almost never ridden it once parked at the rally grounds. I'm usually too scheduled up to take a meaningful ride during the rally.

    I do know lots of folks who go riding in the local area for a day (or more) during the rally and enjoy themselves. And I know a few folks who have had a bike hauled one-way to or from the rally and have ridden the other way, to or from the rally.
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    Uship is a broker not that there is anything wrong with that

    I am in the car business and I don't often need transport outside of Florida but I have used them a few times.
    They have a good website but they are brokers.
    Be specific about your time frame. It may cost you more money but that will be better than wondering when and if your motorcycle is going to show up.
    Often one trucker picks up your vehicle and then drops it in a yard that is on the route they are going and another trucker picks it up and takes it in the direction he/she is going. Eventually it will get where it's going but that takes time.
    Again, be specific.
    You probably can find a shipper that will be going from your region to the Rally with a full load and that is your best opotion.
    The shipping home can be as complicated as the first scenario so if you can find a dedicated shipper for the Rally that would be ideal.
    You probably can set this up using Uship.
    Also be specific about whether you want an enclosed shipping dry freight body or is a flat bed ok?
    Hope this helps rather than confuses you.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    TVTOMMY I like the idea of using someone you are familiar with--- still thinking we might be able to get a group deal on this. Would your guy quote now on a group-- what will his trailer/vehicle handle? then we could start recruiting..

    Paul-- I hear your comments- for me it is about the days to get there, as well as in my mind being able to offset the cost of shipping with the money saved not riding (gas and tires). (My intent is to use airmiles (zero cost), get there quickly, enjoy the rally and area, and enjoy even more the ride back.) The last two Oregon rallies I have had to fly both ways due to being employed--- that isn't the case right now and really don't think that will change between now and rally time, so would like to get the bike there and enjoy the area and ride back.

    I know that 1/2 or more of the fun is the ride I get that, but in this case there is also the wear and tear on this not getting any younger body, and riding back with an open ended return date makes more sense than riding out against a deadline of the rally date.

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