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Thread: RT topcase Luggage Rack

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    RT topcase Luggage Rack

    Wonderlicht offers a luggage rack for the large (48L) topcase for the RT. Has anyone installed this item? What are your opinions? I understand the weight up high issue, but this looks good for a soft bag with raingear inside.

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    I'm only a little over a year late but just saw this post. I bought the "Top Case Rack" from BMR Products ( for my 2010 12RT last year for a 6500 mile trip to Chicago and back. It was very stable (10-15 lbs max.).

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    If you want something to fit on top of the top case check out this link. I saw it mounted on a customer's bike at the dealership and it fits like it was made for a BMW. Couldn't believe when he told me where he had gotten it, especially since I've had the same one mounted on my Electra Glide for seventeen years. You'd think I would have recognized it.
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    A lot of folks put those Harley racks on their CLC's. Great price and it sure looks right!
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    there are a couple of them on eBay right now, and for considerably less the the $125 MSRP
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    I‘«÷ve been thinking about the Wonderlicht rack for a while now. I need something to put the bulkier light things in when my wife and I go camping.

    The reviews complain about the angled screws when installing it but the video makes it look easy. I also think $175 is a bit much for it.

    I called Wonderlicht and asked for dimensions: 16W X 10.25 D, VS 18.25 W for a Tour-Pak rack I measured.

    Still haven‘«÷t made up my mind.


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    FWIW, I took a minimalist approach.
    I bought these strap loops
    and attached them to the top of the case.
    If you have 1 duffel or so, you have 2 straps to hold it down.
    If you would like a picture, I'll try to figure out how to do that
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    It's not just the "weight up high" (and at the rear) issue - you will also catch a heck of a lot more wind - crosswinds, plus the turbulence of the larger vortex trying to close behind you.
    I had a BMR rack for a little while - very nicely made and easy to mount, but the airflow issue had me pulling it off after a month.

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    Minimalist +1

    I was considering one of these racks because I have a pico chair in a waterproof bag that I take camping with me and it's difficult to find a place for it to pack in. The solution I came up with works quite well. I carry a thin carpet pad (used under throw rugs to keep them from sliding out from under you) to put on top of my air mattress to keep me from sliding around on top of the air mattress when I'm in my sleeping bag. I fold that neatly on top of my top case (to prevent scratches), put the bag with the chair on top of that (about the size of a lap top computer) and strap it down with Rok Straps. It doesn't slide, it doesn't move and it doesn't scratch the top case. It adds minimal weight to the top case and I haven't noticed any issues with wind resistance. I'm still thinking about the rack because it looks nicer, but this is a great alternative at no cost in the meantime. Don

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