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Thread: Prospective Vendor -- Sena Bluetooth

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    Prospective Vendor -- Sena Bluetooth

    I just bought a pair of Sena Bluetooth intercoms (to replace my Autocom). While perusing the company's website I noticed that they were attending a series of bike shows and rallies. So I sent them an e-mail, explaining what the MOA and the International Rally were all about and suggested they consider attending the Bloomsburg Rally as a vendor. They replied with what seemed like great interest. I have sent the Rally chair a PM to get the appropriate contact details to send to Sena. It's nice to see a little enthusiasm out there. Sena seems to have taken the Bluetooth headset intercom world by storm in less than twelve months, so it will be interesting to see if they follow through and attend in July.
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    Hey Mark, good job being pro-active in this endever!
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