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    Heated jacket liner

    After 10 yrs of using my BMW heated vest have decided to get a heated liner instead. Have a Olympia waste cut jacket and First Gear overpants that I always wear but don't want a liner thats too bulky and makes me feel like I'm getting choked. Been looking at First Gear and Tour Master brands. Any input on these would be helpful or any other brand that has held up well. Thanks for any info.

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    I bought my liner, gloves and "heat-troller" from
    They all work really well and are not bulky. The liner has a lined collar you can wear up to cover your neck or down inside your jacket.
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    Last year I replaced my Saingear heated vest with a Gerbings microwire heated liner. It was a nice upgrade. It's comfortable, heats up fast, is well made, and packs small. Instead of a heat-troller I installed a switched plug wired directly to the battery in the radio delete plate on my 09' RT. This gives me the added benefit of a fuse instead of the CAN-bus and being able to use a standard battery tender with the switch on.

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    re heated gear

    I also just bought my first heated gear. I have come to not like all the layering. I purchased a Tourmaster Synergy Jacket liner and combine that with Gerbing G3 gloves. I went with the Tourmaster because you do not need to purchase the controller separately. Tourmaster does not have the lifetime warranty the Grrging has. They told me the Gerbing gloves would not work with the Tourmaster jacket but that was not true. Everything worked fine! It was about 35 degrees outside and I used the lowest of three settings to be comfortable. The G3 gloves are not bulky at all and much more comfortable than the Tormasters!

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    heated gear

    I went with the Tour Master jacket and pant liners. Works very well for me. I was told to get a size smaller than what I would normally wear, so the heat is closer to the body. Worked out okay for the jacket, but trying to get my fat butt in the medium size pants is like a circus act .
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    I love Gerbing jacket liner and gloves !!!!!

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    I have Gerbing G3 gloves, jacket liner, and pants liner. I only use the pants liner when it gets below 30 degrees. I take the gloves and jacket liner on trips even in the summer. I have used them in cold rain even in August.

    I think you will really notice a difference between a vest and a jacket on heated gear. In my case, the first thing to get cold is my arms, and the heated sleeves in the jacket liner are just the ticket.
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    I had Gerbings in the past but prefer the fit of the Warm & Safe and very happy with their stuff.

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    Just replaced my 15 year old Aerostich vest with a Gerbings jacket. What a difference. A bit pricey if you need all the plugs, controllers, etc. On the ride home from the Winter Rally it performed well. I love the adjustability of heat level, and the weight of the jacket. I highly recommend this jacket.

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    Is it the "jacket" or the "jacket liner". ??.

    I run the liners but haven't yet had the pleasure of the outerware.
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    The main reason I went with the liners is the theory that, since Gerbing offers a lifetime warranty on the electrics, the liners should be a one-time investment. I don't expect my outer jackets to last that long.

    The jacket liner also makes a great windbreaker in the spring and the fall when you are off the bike walking around. I see a lot of guys walking around camp at the rallys wearing their Gerbing jacket liners.

    Another advantage to a jacket liner is double the pockets. You have the pockets in both your jacket and your jacket liner in the winter.

    I went with the G3 gloves only because I bought the gloves and jacket liner on sale and my dealer didn't have glove liners. Never tried the liners, but if they heat as well as the G3's, it would make sense to me to buy new outer gloves as they wear out and keep the lifetime liners. Only problem with that on the glove liners is I have heard you have to buy your gloves a size too large to wear with the liners.

    The jacket liner is about as thin as a windbreaker, so it doesn't change the fit of my jacket much at all.
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