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Thread: Laser, Radar, Jammer...what?

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    The last speeding ticket I had (since the one I had 40 years ago) was robbery. I was robbed by a cop.

    I rather be robbed by a drug addict; at least I would know the money would have been put to personal use. Instead, I was robbed by a guy with a gun, sanctioned by the city, and my money is going to waste in the hands of the City and County...and enhance the lot of insurance corp who lobby for more traffic enforcement....or be used by a bureaucrat taking trips to China for political reason...or be used by the guy who got caught feeding his family at expensive restaurant with tax money...or the other guy in the County who was put in jail for picking in some fund...etc....etc...etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Motor31 View Post
    If you were writing tickets for 5 to 10 over outside of school zones then yes indeed you were petty. Do not assume everyone else is or was the same. I'm only responding to this since you decided to quote me to send your rant.
    That's always been my biggest beef with posts that are so quick to condemn entire groups/ideas etc based on (usually) isolated incidents etc. Painting with such a broad brush usually just doesn't hold up to well to scrutiny. And the tone and manner of presentation (as in use of slurs for instance) of such claims usually shows where the bias lays and accomplishes little in supporting the claim.

    I keep thinking of a qoute from Firesign Theatre (I think) "America wasn't in a funny mood that day.." some days that just seems so fitting!


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