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Thread: It started

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    It started

    Not looking for sympathy ,this is just how the week went .
    On Wednesday , I got layed off . ( I didn't like the job ,and layed off is better than getting fired )
    On Thursday my one and only running 4 wheeled cage broke .(It is 75 F-250 that has never let me down)
    On Friday I got a speeding ticket for a 50 in a 40 .(My last ticket was in 1994)
    On Saturday I had the charger on the truck all day . I was going to go to the PPBMWRR dinner on Saturday P.M. The truck won't start .(lousy TV and my cooking , Oh Well )
    On Sunday ,I find out that a vandel has broken out the side window of a van that I have at a house that I am moving into about 20 miles away . I replace the solinoid and voltage regulator and have the starter and alternator testd on the F-250 . Still not working ! My 1150 GS is getting some upgrades at a trusted friends house .
    I have to get to Woodland Park to file a police report .What this all comes down to is that I parked the RS 100 under a cover in Colorado last August when I bought Stan's GS . It fired on about the third revolution and kept running .And I proceeded to ride about 40 miles to take care of business .
    I like my BMW's .They take care of me .
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    The old "good news, bad news" report.

    Haven't been left at the side of the road by a BMW since 1974 when I came to the brand.
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    Good 'ol Airhead. Mine too, as I leave it unattended in my garage for months sometimes and she always comes back to life, purring along as all is normal. '78 R100/7 here, I bought new. My F350 Ford has been good(no issues) for 10 years now too, but I figure it has to do something wrong someday and I'll have to rely heavy on the Airhead again. Good luck, Randy

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