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Makes sense to me. We all dream, and sometimes our dreams cost big $. But I'm looking forward to a picture of you on that bike. What color?
I ordered the light gray that looks like white in all the pictures.

I got a call last night from BMWNA, asking which seat I want. I can order the standard or the low seat now at no cost, but if I want a different seat once the bike is in it'll cost me the price of the seat. The standard seat on the GT is 32.3" at its lower setting. My RT is 32.2". Close enough.

I asked when the bikes will come in. She said there is no firm date - I would imagine BMW is scrambling to work out bugs at this point - but she said the first bikes should be available in May. (May is when the snow finally melts around here.)

I'll post a picture when I get (if I get) the bike. I'll be easy to recognize because I'll be the one with the big grin.

- Kate