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Thread: No three moose think alike

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    No three moose think alike

    Usually I see the cow and calf... and then almost hit the other calf who lingered before stepping out. I've been lucky on bikes but I came upon a cow and calf in my lane in a snowstorm and swerved completely into the other lane to avoid them which worked well until the calf charged my headlight... he got it; it got him. He been Forded. Ford needed a new radiator, hood hinge, and fewer dents.

    Most critical times in Alaska for moose is in May when they all pop their calves in about a week on the premise that bears can only eat so much; therefor more calves will survive until they become mobile enough to travel. Of course dawn, dusk, and the rest of the time are ALL critical moose avoidance times. I watch for them all the time. They seem to congregate near houses and roads in the fall to avoid ravenous bears who've run out of greenery to eat but haven't denned up yet. Bears don't hang around people much unless you're talking trash, it's an attractant. Occasionally someone will hit a bear on a road but the moose are a constant hazard.

    On the common sense side don't poke, pet, or go stand next to a moose. As calm and bovine as they may seem they can move much faster than you can. Once they attack they're very thorough. I've seen tourists, and neighbors, do some really stupid stuff for a better picture.

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    I have heard a story, maybe true, maybe not, of a moose hunter in Maine. He made the acquaintance of a moose while trying out his moose call in a tent the night before the season opened. They never mention the brand of moose call, which is too bad because it obviously worked.
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    "As calm and bovine as they may seem they can move much faster than you can."

    As can most animals. I heard that a lobster can react 7 times faster than a human. Good thing we have bigger brains. Now if we would learn to use always them.

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    On one of my first rides on my RT up Big Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake City, I came upon a cow and two calves standing in the road. Cars were inching by, but I stopped a fair way back and just sat there until they walked off into the woods.

    Those guys are big!
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    Walked out of my house at 0530 hrs. this morning on the way to the gym. Went left on our front porch towards my truck when I heard the familiar snort of a moose (the snort is moose talk for "Watch out knucklehead"). A moose was several feet behind me and approaching the porch from the other direction. He looked for all the world like he was going to cut across the porch until I yelled a warning to Annie who was about to follow me out the door.
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