Greetings from The Great White North eh!

I am planning a trip across some of the southern states in March and April. Having never driven through this area (either on my bike or in a car), I wanted to ask the MOA members for insights, tips, roads that I *must* travel (and the ones that I shouldn't), etc.

Here are the details that I have for now:

Mar.17 - depart Toronto (trailering bike)
Mar. 18 - arrive Memphis (park car, switch to GS)
Mar.27 - arrive in LA for business conference
Mar.31 - depart LA
Apr. 7 (latest) - arrive Memphis (load up bike and head home)
Apr. 9 - arrive Barrie, ON

I am looking for your help filling in the ???. Although I don't mind interstates, I want to try to stay off them and see the sights. I am comfortable doing 300 miles per day (maybe a little more) but definitely want to relax on this ride. I am not planning on camping, instead going to hotels, motels or resorts with a comfortable bed and a reasonable price. And, other than being in LA for a business conference, I have no other specific destinations or plans.

So ... what do you think???