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    Clarity Defog-it Review

    Fogged faceshields for many of us are a dangerous fact of life. Most of the "anti-fog" preparations work badly or not at all as is true of most OE faceshields which supposedly prevent the problem. "Pinlock" and other "double layer" fog preventers DO work, but they come with different problems.

    I learned about Clarity Defog-it on webBikeWorld and recommend you check out their very positive review, as well as the comments from the dissenters.

    Well, I just got mine today and am VERY IMPRESSED for what it does to prevent fog on my Shoei RF-1000 shield. If you decide to try it, you might want to follow the steps below which takes into account the advice from folks who were happy.

    1. Remove the shield and soak it for at least 20 minutes in your kitchen sink using warm water and dish soap. Then use a SOFT cotton cloth to remove not only any external bugs, etc. but any other products you might have applied to the inside of the shield. Rinse and dry with a soft cotton dish towel.

    2. To confirm (or refute) that this stuff works, you need a "before and after" breath test. If breathing on the shield doesn't cause fog, stick it in your fridge or freezer for a few seconds. Your breath should instantly fog up the shield.

    3. Apply 5 drops of Defog-it to the inside of the shield and spread and polish it around with a microfiber cloth (not included but maybe important.) Polish only enough to eliminate any smears.

    4. Repeat the "breath test." If it bascially worked with only small areas of fog, use a couple more drops and repeat step 3 on those areas. Repeat the breath test.

    I have no idea how long this stuff works - if it indeed does work for you. Your comments, both positive and negative, I am sure will be informative.
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    How long does the "anti-fog" remain effective? That is a lot of work for something that only lasts a few hours or even a day.

    In my experience, most spray on anti-fog works for a few hours without the need for removing the shield, etc. Can you report back in a week and let us know if the stuff is still working? I would get some and apply it if it continues to be effective.

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    The first BMW system helmet (made by Schuberth natch..) also had available a heated faceshield. Seemed like a grand idea except it distorted a bit when the heat was on (it was very fine wires sandwiched between two layers of plastic).. made it less then useful.

    The Schuberth anti-fog shield that originally came with the first Concept was wonderful. They apparently had process problems since it became less wonderful with time - and the last batches had problems with the coating peeling off.. they have now gone to a PinLok system (inner anti-fog insert that snaps into the inside of the faceshield.)

    I have two bottles of the Clarity Defog-It.. and have only used it once, on sunglasses I was wearing while doing some snow-blowing. The sunglasses almost instanty fogged up without it. With it - no problem, no fogging. Seemed to work. It's been on the sunglasses for about 2 weeks now, let me check how they're doing.. I can fog them with my breath (so I guess I'm alive..) - guess it's time to redo the stuff. They have been cleaned several times since the snowblowing so it's not too big a surprise.
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    I snagged some Z-Wax that "Zooke" was hawking in Orugh-gun. Works great when it's freshly applied but doesn't last. There's no real difference in how long it lasts whether you use the wax or the little spray bottle of the stuff. Spray bottle is more convenient on the road becasue it's faster to work with.

    So far, I've yet to find the majik bullet in anti-fog sprays, waxes or coatings. None work any better or any longer than just good old spit does. Spit on the faceshield, wipe it around with your finger and wipe it dry. You can also get similar results using Palmolive Dish Soap. Just a dab from teh bottle, smear it around and also wipe it dry.
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    I ordered a bottle and it's so tiny, I know I'll never find it in my tankbag when I need it.

    $9.50 for a 0.2 oz. bottle
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