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Thread: RT comfort seat takes a hike

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    Thumbs up RT comfort seat takes a hike

    Finally rode my last painful bit to the 49er Rally in Auburn. Now if you know me, and have seen my bio, you know that I live in Auburn. That's how truely uncomfortable the comfort seat was.
    I had set up a time with Bill Meyer for Sat. On Thursday I wandered down to the event to see what was up, and asked Bill (Rocky) Meyer if he could start. He did, and by later that evening I was in heaven. Really nice seat...comforable and great looking. If you're looking to have a custom seat made, look this guy up. This may be a bit spammy, but I think others should know about one of the possibilities out there.

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    Thanks for the idea slaniac...mind if I steal it?

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    Thumbs down Bill's seat not for me

    I have a Bill Meyer seat on my RT and will replace it as soon as money allows. I find it more painful then the stock seat. I mailed it back once for a refit, tried seat jacks, bar backs but still want off the bike in about 1 hour.

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