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Thread: A Pocket Knife thread (celebrating my new one!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmwrider88 View Post
    congratulations on the new *collection*.

    FLASHLIGHTS? sounds like a whole other thread to me man.
    (SureFire, Pelican, Petzl)
    We had a pretty good flashlight thread going here I didn't realize there was so many flashlight aficionados.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmwrider88 View Post
    that's awesome! that *Juice* looks like it's been around the block a time or two. was that one of the first models with tools accessible without having to open the body up? i just bought a Surge, after having lost my trusty SuperTool 200
    (i think it was stolen- OR maybe the *ghost* got it. OK, i know- but that's a whole other story)
    anyway, still waiting to get into use of the Surge, but it has the 4 main tools accessible from *outside* the body of the thing. second biggest Leatherman made.
    I can't say much about the history of the Leatherman tools. In my case, I bought it after I lost my Swiss Army knife. I thought I had put that in my checked luggage on a return international flight, but couldn't find it when I got home.

    I had bought that knife about 1980, and I was disappointed to lose it and more disappointed to find that that particular model wasn't made any more. I saw the Juice tool while wandering around in REI, and as it was on sale and I had a refund burning a hole in my pocket...

    Naturally, the next time I pulled out the roller duffle to pack it, I found the SA knife. The Juice is actually a bit smaller and lighter, so the SA knife sits in a drawer now.
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    Carry two

    Daily I carry a Bench Made 557SBK with a tanto blade and in my pocket a Leatherman Micra as a mini tool box. For special applications I carry a Ka-Bar TDI LE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    I didn't realize there was so many flashlight aficionados.
    ha! anything and all things *GEAR*.
    my tech geek buddies gave me honorary *geek* status based solely on my gear fetish. my job as a union stagehand calls for the use of knives, multi-tools and flashlights.... among other things. and naturally advances the cause of my *need* for tools and gear.
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    BMW Multitool

    Just bought this BMW Multitool as a replacement for my Leatherman, hope it serves me as well!
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