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    Salty Fog Riders Rally 2011

    This is our fourth year hosting this rolling rally. Last year we started marketing very late but this year we start the year off right by declaring that:

    Salty Fog Riders Rally
    September 5-9, 2011
    - Base Camp: Larry's River, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia
    (one night free camping plus lots of food upon arrival, supper and breakfast - $35)
    - A 400 mile tour in Guysborough Co. and around Cape Breton Island (Cabot Trail counter-clockwise)
    - Three camp nights at $10 per person (Group Rate) (about $30 if not with group) (Louisbourg, Baddeck and Meat Cove)
    - One (possibly two) Cable Ferries at $1.00 each (Group Rate) ($5.00 if not with group)
    - Option to join up or depart during any point in the ride.
    - Tour of Coal Mine (optional; museum/tour cost) (looking into group rate)
    - Live musical theater in Louisbourg (about $15; optional) (no group rate....yet)
    - Fortress Louisbourg tour (optional) (no group rate)
    - Rita's Tea House for lunch (tea cups only; no mugs)
    - All 'on road' foods are individual; we try to identify cost effective/interesting options

    We are exploring various other visit options and will post as we identify them. Excluding the options list, costs will be pre-paid this year and, including Larry's River (food and camp) and three following nights camping will be $65 per person. Note that as we get into this year's negotiations some costing may change ie camping but we will post immediately.

    We will be following up with much more information in the coming months! In the meantime, the following links will be give a bit of background on what to expect. We are also looking at T shirts for this one but no promises yet (not happy with local options).

    - Bob and Mary
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