Posting this on behalf of George Zelenz, SPANK Rallymaster. Always a fun event, and good for newbies and seasoned pros as well. I've done it three times!

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Jan 5, 2011

Greetings Riders.

SPANK 2011 is a go! We're moving the start from Arizona to Southern California, but all other aspects of the rally remain as previously threatened.

Last minute details are pending, but save the weekend ( and perhaps a day or two before ) of May 14-15 for some serious Multi-Day Rally silliness. Final determination of Rally Hours will be known by February 1st. But plan on 32-40 hours total, with a 24-hour option.

SPANK 2011 will be a great chance to test your IBR prepared bike along with testing your mind/ body preparedness. Waypoints-on-a-stick and a very straight-forward concept this year will help you maximize the fun and avoid a complete Mindphuk.

The Highest scoring rider who is both NOT in the 2011 IBR and is an IBR Virgin, will receive a No-Draw spot in the 2013 IBR. The overall highest scoring rider will receive a ridiculous trophy.

Yours truly will be cooking up the Post Rally grub. Smoked ribs, Duck and Andouille Gumbo, and various Veg-friendly sides. Saturday night is going to be a swingin' time. Food-Only tix will be available at a later date.

ALL YOU NEED TO DO to sign-up is Paypal ( mark the payment as "personal" ) $147.26 to this address, You will then receive electronic/ e-mail instructions to complete the registration process. You won't lick a single stamp in the process. Continued Innovation.?

Hope to see some of you during Mid-May in Sunny California!

George Zelenz
Rally Master
SPANK 2011
Cheap Thrills Edition

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Chris Ogden
Los Angeles, CA