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Thread: RV parking at Bloomsburg fairgrounds

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    RV parking at Bloomsburg fairgrounds

    I am wondering what will be available for RV camping at the fairgrounds for the rally? I have a 5th wheel and would love to have my RT along for the rally but can only take one or the other so the RV will be the place to stay for the event for me. I want to camp on the grounds and I live 1 1/2 hours from Bloomsburg so staying would be nice but I like quiet and would rather not pay for a local campground knowing the fairground are huge and should have plenty of room. I have never been to a rally but knowing how big Bloomsburg fairgrounds is I have to tell anyone who is planning on coming this place is pefect and the organizers couldn't have found a better site.

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    I remember hearing at the walk about that there will be over flow camping and RV setup (no hook ups) outside the fence along what would be the fair car parking lot. I would check before setting up.
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    There will no doubt be more info on this in the near future.

    All i can tell you now is that this place has the biggest grass parking lot I've ever seen!

    There are sites with hookups, but if you're a dry camper, this place is wide open.

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    Stay Tuned...

    The RV Committee Chair will be posting info in the future. All RV campers will need to reserve their space in advance with the Committee Chair. There is an additional charge for RV camping.
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    Welcome, first timer:)

    RVs always show in mass numbers so know you are not alone. We have had anywhere from 100 to "over" 200 RVs come to the recent rallies, from the largest buses to all the others, so welcome and enjoy. If RV registering is forthcoming and it usually IS, be the early bird on this. Glad to hear the site is a local favorite spot, as I ride far this year from the West Coast on my GSA. PA sounds really great and I look forward to meeting all my friends again. Randy"Polarbear"

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    We are ironing out details, but as it stands now, there will be virtually unlimited "dry" camping for RVs in just outside the fenced rally grounds. More specific details will be forthcoming.
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