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Thread: I can't relate to this at all!

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    I can't relate to this at all!

    I've been riding since the mid 70's and I can't say I ever have felt less than respect because of my riding. I feel like a rider in a non riding world sometimes, but not like this writer . . .

    What about you?

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    Heh, every once in a while I get into a conversation with a random creep who, dripping with sarcasm and being totally patronizing, tells me what a "cute little bike" I'm riding, or asks me if I've ridden it to wherever ALL BY MYSELF?

    I've collected quite a few comebacks out of necessity to just stop these jerks in their tracks. Chief (and with the most mileage) among them being "of COURSE I rode it here myself; it's much too far to push it!"

    Leaves them all

    Of course, this has ALWAYS been from random creeps OUTSIDE the motorcycle community -- guys who don't themselves ride (some tell me they have a Harley at home in the garage... uh-huh...). Nearly universally, people who are actual riders have never given me the least bit of lip.
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    Of course - that is a story about women "bikers" - not women riders, or women motorcyclists.
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    Interesting perspective from the author, but I'd bet she never belonged to a BMW club. I've always felt welcome in this community.
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    I think she perhaps takes her experiences from a far different world than I and many other MOA members exist in. I do not find it difficult to believe that a woman would feel ill treated if she found herself in some biker communities and was on a small bike.
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    I can't relate to it either. I've never had anything but positive interactions from others when I'm riding. There is often the surprise element because I'm petite, but no one has had the attitude described in the article. I've known women riders for 60 years and while those who could ride back in the kickstart days used to get a bit of "are you sure you can start that thing?" it was usually a genuine concern. Some of those old Brit bikes could really kick back!

    Yes, it might be the "biker" community she hangs with. Could it also be her attitude?


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