Happy new Year, My friends.

My awesome British friend is coming out for at least a month to Los Angeles. We recently did a whirlwind trip through Europe by car and now I'm midway planning a trip across the states in February.

I get it that it's not a trip around the world or even to Tierra Del Fuego. It's just a Cross Country trip for two good friends. That should be fun in itself.

I'm planning a trip beginning in Anaheim, Ca and working down to San Diego, then to Yuma AZ, Tucson AZ, Las Cruces NM, El Paso TX, San Antonio TX, Houston (We Have a Problem) TX, Galveston TX, Lafayette LA, New Orleans LA, Biloxi MS, Mobile AL, to Savannah Ga.

We're gonna stay off the interstates as much as possible and focus on more rural highways and roads.

From there, since he's British, we must head to the most holy site known to man. Lynchburg, TN. The Jack Daniels distillery is it for him. Life will be utterly complete once he is able to commune with Jack himself. From there Glorious Nashville and hightailling it back to CA via Oklahoma City, and parts of Route 66 (That Remain).

I know it's winter. That's why I planned a southern route.

I'd LOVE to meet up with other riders along the way. We're gonna hotel/motel or crash on couches versus camping on this trip.

Any advice, thoughts, offers of company and meetups for drinks (after riding) would be awesome.

We'll be properly riding the 02 K1200RS and the 04 R1150RT-P (ex CHP to screw with the bubba's).


We'll let you know as this thing takes flight.