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Thread: Look Who's In The Freezer

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    Look Who's In The Freezer

    Living in Philly, I have the benefit of being right next door to revzilla. Went over there today and tried on some gloves. Ended up with the Held Freezers ($149) The other pair I tried on were the held warm n drys. I went with the freezers because they just seemed warmer and better insulated. The sales pitch for the wnd was that you can feel heated grips better with them, but I figure that's probably also true of freezing clutch/brake levers. My only trepidation about the freezers is that I think their strategy for waterproofing is an internal gore-tex barrier -- so the outer leather gets soaked, which I imagine could be quite chilly. Anyway, that's the report. Riding to work with them and then home wasn't too bad.

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    You will want to waterproof the leather in those gloves, if they get wet enough the water will go through the gore tex liner. Same reason Gore tex textile lined suits need to be waterproof too.
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