New to MOA and in the process of making travel plans to pick up a '04/GS. Its been 25 years since I last rode and then it was police model Harleys, so I've been out of the loop for a very long time. This also will be my first BMW. Right now I'm just looking for enough gear (borrowed or used so I can ride it back (1000 miles). The bigger question is the permanent basic gear I should purchased model/style that will get me off on the right foot and yet not totally break the bank. I'm clueless at this point, though I know I'll eventually get up to speed, it's just there seems to be so much out there. Regards to helmet, I'll be taking a X large, some models must be more fit friendly for this size I would imagine, just don't which ones they are. Also basic outer gear. Open to suggestions and vendors. Thanks so much.