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    Quote Originally Posted by henzilla View Post
    I was concerned about a skip condition and jumping a tooth or two on the cam gear as well...which could lead to top end disaster you mentioned. It is a simple install and was worth the $125 part cost for some peace of mind. If you read the K-Bike forum, it's gloom & doom from a few bad cases and I think it gets blown out of proportion as a lot of Internet info does like you also mention. If you own one of the broken ones, sorry!
    There's a guy on the and sites whose K12GT grenaded due to the cam chain/sprocket thingy.

    There's an interesting thread at i-bmw that goes into some detail about a new fix (and one my dealer didn't mention) that may justify the expense. Read about it here.
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    Thanks Randy,
    Haven't been on either boards in awhile, looks pretty interesting there is another part now as well as the tensioner upgrade...not gonna say Chicken Little ..but dang-it!
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    There's a cam chain retainer guard to be introduced in the near future to prevent the cam chain from jumping teeth... A very bad thing if it does... A big $Ouch$..

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    I had a rattle even with the new tensioner (factory on the '08). So did another new one anyway and even though it looked identical...couldn't see any defect, the new one made the start quiet. And, I never park on the center stand...ever..except when changing the oil. Center stand is for maintenance .
    Also heard that there is a new cam chain guard for the lower sprocket on the crank. Apparently, BMW figured the chain skip to be on the bottom smaller crank sprocket. Unless...the end of the cam breaks off...heh...then it's the big one .
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