Early in 2010 (February or March) a meeting was held in Gaylord to gauge the interest in forming a Northern Michigan BMW Club. It did not move forward past that point to my knowledge.

I contacted a couple of the riders that indicated an interest on the forum and ended up recently meeting with one of the riders, John Peck from Maple City, for breakfast.

We both agreed that a step forward may be to start a Northern Michigan Rider List that could be upadated and shared with only those on the list to facilitate communication with other like minded riders. If someone wanted to take a trip, meet for breakfast, organize a ride, attend a rally, open house, motorcycle show or swap meet they could e-mail or call the list members to see if anyone was interested in doing the same.

If your interested in being on the list you can send me a private message on the forum or send me an email at wkoppa@hotmail.com. I will volunteer to assemble and distribute the list. Also:

I will not post the list to any public forum.

I will not give the list to anyone not on it.

I will not use the list for commerical use.

AND Ask that you do the same.

If your interested in giving this a try - send me the following.

1. Your BMWOA Number

2. E-mail address

3. Full name

4. Home City

5. Main bike ridden

6. Phone Number

Thanks for your interest.

Happy New Years to Everyone and may all your roads be open and safe in 2011.

Wayne Koppa
Grayling, MI
71449 Life