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Thread: Did you accomplish your riding improvement goal of last year?

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    Question Did you accomplish your riding improvement goal of last year?

    Last spring I started a thread about improving a riding skill as a goal for the year.

    I worked on "spacing", and I think I am better at it now.

    This year I want to work on setting up the right line prior to the entry of a turn.

    Did you accomplish your riding improvement goal of last year?
    What are you going to work on this year?
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    Improved the smoothness of my shifting and stopped stiff arming the handlebars. Much smoother riding resulted.

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    Did 5 track days to keep mine sharp. Keeps you smooth, and removes the fear in the twisties that can contribute to a bad experience.

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    I had no specific goals last year however, I accomplished the Experienced Rider's Course, the MSF Instructor's course, and Jim Hyde's 2-day off road course. I'm waiting for the mileage results for specific numbers but I think I managed about 10K miles as well. Not a bad riding year, IMHO.

    This year, I do have a goal. I need to improve my tight right hand turns. My goal is to master the U-turn box on my 1200 GS.

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    Bob T
    I managed to attend a Lee Parks Total Control Clinic and Skills day this past summer...
    It has been on my list for a couple of years.

    Learned quite a bit...but I also learned I need more learnin'...

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    I don't recall what (or if) I posted, but I did take the BMW GS training course in June to improve my off road skills.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ultracyclist View Post
    Did you accomplish your riding improvement goal of last year?
    i failed miserably as i lay flat on my back, covered in the greasy gray Kentucky mud, having just been body-slammed to the ground after trying to roost vance.
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    Ahhhh my make me laugh the skid demon...he did appear aye???
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    My plan was to have no close-encounters-of-the-worst-kind, and I did succeed at that. Part of the reason was managing to reacquire some missing awareness. I can only hope to at least maintain that level, if not raise it.
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    In 2010 I failed to take an off road riding course to gain more skills on gravel and never got around to taking a Lee Parks riding course, as I had intended. Although I failed at this, I did ride more gravel roads last year with greater confidence.
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