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Thread: F800gs in Rally Spec

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    F800gs in Rally Spec

    One of the local BMW dealers has taken it upon themselves to bring a F800gs into rally spec. There are some good pictures in a nice slide show. I've had a bunch of this stuff off my bike already when I lowered the suspension 2". It will be interesting to see what the selection of parts will be-like the fully adjustable shocks that will be added. I'm not sure what they mean as far as unlocking the pcm-this bike has loads of power as it is. Here is the link Enjoy, Gary
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    Thanks, I'll be really interested to see how this progresses ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbob59 View Post
    Thanks, I'll be really interested to see how this progresses ....
    Go to Max's web site and sign up for his E-mail newsletter. It's not bad as such things go.
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