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Thread: Shorai Power Lithium Batteries

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    Shorai Power Lithium Batteries

    Has anybody any experience with these?

    They make batteries for BMW's, and they weigh less than 2 lbs, 7 lbs lighter than stock, and lithium batteries tend to last a long time. I saw them at the Long Beach show. I am rather curious.

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    I hear stories of lithium batteries occasionally burning up due to internal shorts. This has happened in cell phones, laptops and scientific testing equipment (we burned up a lab building that way). I still think the technology is too new to be relied on in a motorcycle, but it's definitely coming. The higher energy density of Li batteries is irresistible. Just my opinion.
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    Only 210 CCA... a good AGM battery can put out twice that and at 1/2 to 2/3 the price. Just sayin...
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    I can't get too concerned about the safety risks of lithium batteries. Every laptop, cell phone, MP3 player and nearly all rechargeable power tools use them. I drop my lithium battery powered cordless tools often enough to figure I've crash tested them thoroughly.

    If they prove workable, it looks like a cheap way to reduce vehicle weight (not to be confused with a cheap battery, that they are not...)
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    The FAQs section of their website discusses CCA's and a number of other interesting issues. Among their new dealers is one of the nearby BMW dealers (Seaver's) so before too much longer we ought to begin getting user reviews. To me these lithium batteries sound pretty good and are priced similarly to the BMW Exide replacements (that's still too high, but might nevertheless be worth it).
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