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Thread: The Chelan Sidecar Rally

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    The Chelan Sidecar Rally

    The Chelan Rally is on for this year 2011 as CSR3 in late May.
    I was told the site will be updated.

    Where is Chelan?

    This rally also encourages the CanAm Spyder to attend as I read on other boards online.

    Though this Rally is designated a sidecar gathering... all types of riders... solo, trikes and anyone interested in motorcycle sidecars are welcome.

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    Lake Chelan.... very nice!

    one of these days i am going to take the boat ride and go camping at the remote end of the lake......

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    Lake Chelan

    VERY unique and beautiful place. Just do it.

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    Went last year, hope to go again this year.

    Nice group of people and some interesting rigs.

    Lake Chelan Shot-weather was pretty nice for the rally

    Lake Chelan's waters are very pristine

    Backroad ADV

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    CSR3 Come and Gone.

    Great time. You know this if you were there...
    If not, you missed a good one...

    Chelan Side Car Rally 2011

    Chelan Sidecar Rally 2011.

    See More ------> Here!

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