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Thread: Mesh Cargo Nets

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    I would only use straps for the heavy

    stuff that you carry when touring. But i also carry a mesh cargo net for putting my jacket liner or extra shirt under when my luggage is full. Or ocassionally when i my camelback is empty. And that is about the most that i would trust one of those nets with.

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    Marchyman, what make are those "soft" saddlebags on your R69?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lmo1131 View Post
    Marchyman, what make are those "soft" saddlebags on your R69?
    Aerostich. Well, they are Ortlieb bags packaged by Aerostich.

    Wow. Price has gone up a bit since I got mine many years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sudani View Post
    Having a bike that really wasn't meant to tour I've had to come up with a way to secure bags (made for the bike) and all the other things I want to take for camping (tent, bag and air mattress, kermit chair, etc.) I tie everything down with straps first, once it's all in place I secure it all with a cargo net. I consider the cargo net a bit of insurance. So far so good. It's probably not the best pack job but it works for my bike.
    Nice pack job.Also nice bike,I have never seen that model before.
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    +1 on ROK straps. I have a cargo net too. The cargo net is great for strapping light items to the back seat, like a pair of walking shoes, a backpack, etc. It's quick and efficient, but when I used it for heavier items (a carry-on suitcase) it shifted alarmingly when I braked or accelerated. The cargo net I have just wasn't heavy duty enough. For camping I now put my bulky or heavy gear in a North Face waterproof duffel bag and strap it down with ROK straps to the back seat. It worked great on a 12 day trip last summer, everything felt very secure.
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    Thumbs up

    For folks reading this thread who are not familiar with ROK straps, be aware that there are many different sizes and styles. I think most of us here use the "Motorcycle Adjustable" style. They're the ones described above, with loops that go around your frame, luggage rack, or whatever. They come in two lengths. The longer ones are much more versatile, and what most folks use for securing tents/duffels/whatever. The shorter ones, often billed as the "Sports Pack Strap," are smaller and perhaps better suited to smaller/lighter loads, or securing secondary luggage items.

    There are many places to purchase them, including vendors at BMW rallies and probably your local dealer. The local hardware or home improvement store might carry some ROK strap products, but probably not the Motorcycle style with the loops on the ends.

    Here are some examples from one online vendor:
    "Motorcycle Adjustable" heavy duty straps:
    "Sport Pack Strap" lighter/shorter straps:

    I keep three pair mounted on my 1150GS, pretty much permanently- two small, and one large. I secure my tent with a pair of the smaller ones, and my chair with the other pair. I then throw on a big Ortlieb "Rack Pack," and put the heavier duty straps over the whole circus. I ride w/a solo saddle, and have a Cargo Rest. With my Jesse bags, this allows me to carry way more gear than I have any rational reason to!

    Happy packing!

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    I have Helen2Wheels lid bags in both of my Jesse side cases. One has cold weather gear and the other spare clothes when we are "on the road" for the summer. I have a cargo net too. If I need a little extra space at the grocery store (for example) I will pull one of the lid bags and stow it on top of my top case. Then the groceries go in the Jesse bag. Ditto the day I bought new boots, as far as the post office to ship the old ones home.

    And the cargo net is perfect for corn chips. I love corn chips. With salsa and swiss cheese. The swiss cheese I can find a place for. A big bag of corn chips not so readily. So they go from the store to the campground under the net atop my top case.

    The thing has its uses but it is for overflow items.
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