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Thread: Rally Music?

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    Paul Thorn---Jim Thorpe, PA on Sat. July 23 and
    Lancaster, PA on Sun. July 24

    I bet I can guess where he will be on Friday July 22.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Statdawg View Post
    So are you saying Pennsylvanians can't pull this off with such a rich German Heritage ?
    As we say, the PA Dutch were the German's that were asked to leave........

    Strict Protestants that didn't dance or drink, who had tired of the religious wars in northern Germany and Holland....the PA Dutch were more Prussian than Bavarian.

    Have you ever seen a happy bar in a PA Dutch area? A PA Dutchman takes his beer, hides in a corner and whispers to his life long friend. A Bavarian sits at a table with strangers, drinks his beer and sings with the strangers. A modern day northern German might sit at a table with strangers, drinks his beer and, possibly, smiles at the strangers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lilredroadster View Post
    Popa Chubby was great in Vermont on Friday Night. Really, most music is ok as long as it is played by musicians who have teeth and don't howl at the moon.
    I second Poppa Chubby the best band in years . Detroit Dennis 95 r100rt

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    Poppa Chubby

    +1 on Poppa Chubby!

    I saw Poppa Chubby in Vermont too and I thought he and the band were great ! I wandered into the Beer Tent in the middle of the afternoon on the day that Poppa was playing at the rally and he and the band were practicing in the Beer Tent in the middle of the afternoon. What a treat, there probably wasn't more than 20 or more people in there at the time and I pulled up a front row seat and watched them practice for about an hour.........he is an amazing guitar player and he was wailing away that afternoon and that night too.

    I also got a big kick out of seeing Commander Cody in Vermont too.....what a hoot.

    How about Dickey Betts and Great Southern? That would be a great show!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Beemeup View Post
    +1 on Poppa Chubby!
    We met Poppa Chubby at a rest stop on the highway on our way to the rally. He was driving his own van, pulled up behind us and asked if we were going to the rally. He was genuinely excited to be our headliner and couldn't wait to get there.

    I've seen him a few times and he always puts on a great show.

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    If you want heavy metal and a German influence

    Well you can't really beat this. Really click it you won't be disappointed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MLS2GO View Post
    Well you can't really beat this. Really click it you won't be disappointed.

    A local 12 year old kid can beat that.
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    Slim Cessna would fit the musical bill

    They rock, punk and have strings, banjo etc.

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    Paul Thorn Band schedule shows a private party booked for Friday Night. This will be a good show, I can not wait!
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    I noticed that too! I'm really hoping it's us! I enjoyed his show last year so much I ordered 2 CDs from his website!

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    Hey, speaking of Led Zeppelin, why not combine both LZ and the violin?

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    You can get Paul Thorn's latest CD (Pimps and Preachers) over at as an MP3 download for $5.99. Awesome band!
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    Rally Music

    Man it's hard to get one over on MOA members! Although we are not completely settled on all of the music entertainment, as guess we can let just ONE cat out of the bag.

    Yes Paul Thorn has graciously excepted our invitation to join our rally on Friday night!
    I personally spoke with him and the band at a show in Muscle Shoals, Al. Just a couple of weeks ago and they are very excited to be coming back to the International Rally.

    We will be announcing more entertainment in the weeks to come, be sure we are working very hard to provide a variety of quality music for your entertainment.

    I ask anyone interested in expanding their rally experience to volunteer for any position. I know I will need some volunteers to help with entertainment and I am sure you will enjoy the time we spend together. It is always a BLAST!


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    U 2 Fans

    U2 will be in the New Meadowlands Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ on July 20th. Not far from the rally site.
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    Bring BACK;

    "Bad to the Bone", George T> and the Destroyers. Ohio was GREAT with this guy

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