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Thread: 12LT rear brake noise

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    Unhappy 12LT rear brake noise

    A friends 97 K1200LT has a loose brake disk on the rear. Simply too much clearance on the rivets. There is very little wear on the disk, has not been abused. We have been told by others that this was not an uncommon problem on the 1st year Lt1200. Any advise on eliminating the problem other than replacing entire unit? I believe that this is a "floating disk" by design, but a bike that has the BMW label on it should'nt be heard clanging down the road at low speed. Any recalls that I don't know about? If I remember correctly, the bike only has about 35k on it. Has been doing this only for the last 15k or so.

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    Don't know if it was a typo or not...but the first year for the K1200LT was '99, not '97. Apart from that...yes, there is/was a service bulletin for the rear rotors and perhaps the pads. Not 100% sure. My dealer was nice enough to change my rotors AND replace the (CRAP) BMW pads for EBCs. I haven't heard a peep out of them since. That was about 15K miles ago.

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