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Thread: Metal Hard Bags for an 1100 GS

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    Metal Hard Bags for an 1100 GS

    I have tried the search engine and failed, as usual.

    What I am looking for is owners' recommendations for steel or aluminium side bags for my wife's 1999 1100 GS. She recently asked me to buy a set for her bike and I am just starting my research.

    So I would like any suggestions based on actual experience.

    Here is a picture of Kristin and her Bike:

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    I am very happy with my Jesse Bags.
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    Quote Originally Posted by martinPH View Post
    I am very happy with my Jesse Bags.
    Me too - on an F650 and an R1150R.
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    Jesse's are good, but Happy Trails are better.

    If you don't lower your exhaust pipe be sure and put an exhaust pipe extender on the oem pipe. It will save you from having the exhaust melt the LR turn signal stalk. That happened with a set of freshly installed Jesse's.

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    i searched a bunch before getting Caribou's for my F800GS. if not the Caribou's (larger, stronger, less $0- but not as manly looking) i would have gone with the Jesse's. just better build quality than the Happy Trails, more refined- but a few $100 more costly.
    there's this one here:
    and this one from the F8 crowd (exact specs may vary, but the cases really don't):
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    check out the GS section of ADVrider

    for more info.

    Your options are:

    BMW - R1150 adventure bags
    Happy Trails
    Vern Worldbeaters

    Each of them have the goods and bads...

    personally, i have Jesse's on my R100GSPD and my R1150GSA, but couldn't get the mounts to work on my R1100GS.

    Enjoying the ride, but always on the alert for a rally.......

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