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Thread: Coldest riding temps...

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    My coldest temperature ride was 14°F but only about 15 miles. No heated gear but the old RT fairing seems to be pretty effective at blocking the cold. Tires felt hard even at the end of the ride and the bike was hard to start after sitting outside my office all day.
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    Aviator suite

    Man, that would have felt like heaven with that aviator suite. The field jacket had great buttons up the neck and sleeves and tighten up the waste. I wore a whool sweater underneath and I had whool navy pants that buttoned up the front in an upside down U weird but warm with long handles. Ace 90 always required extra spark plugs especially going down Monarch. Chin would get cold also. I remember sitting in a bath tub and a friend giving me shoots of wiskey but I couldn't stop shaking. Now it is too easy and really the only thing that stops me is ice or snow on the road.

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    Mebbe we should forward the pic of the aviator suit to Andy at RiderWarehouse.. Imagine it with a Goretex liner, and a heated jacket liner.. HEAVEN!
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    In the dept of they did Everest with wool and not goose down and Gortex-I still use canvass outside, wool inside, bib overalls my father brought home from WWII Navy. Not much of a fashion statement but neither am I. Some of that old clothing was amazingly effective and very durable.
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    Coming back from Orlando first of December to KS, was caught in the cold weather that week, left Jasper, AL on 6 Dec, it was 23*, got to 41* by the time I got to Little Rock. That's about as cold as I will go, gets to a point where it isn't much fun. When I look at a cager and wished I was in there with them, it's too cold!!

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    I've ridden in temps as low as the mid to upper teens. Aside from heated grips, I have no heated gear. Relying soley on layers of insulation, I'm usually good for up to an hour before I start to feel the cold. My daily commute is around 45-50 minutes so it works out well for me.

    As for other activities, if what I need to do will be less than one hour on the road at one stretch, I'll take the motorcycle. If longer than one hour, I'll take the car. All this pre-supposes the roads are clear of snow and ice.

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