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Thread: Dog trailer

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    Dog trailer

    I am just getting a Golden Retriever, and thought it would be a great idea to take him on motorcycle rides with me, otherwise I probably will have to cut down on the my ride time. I noticed that some people with sidecars take their dogs with them, but I don't think I want to put a side car on my K1300GT. Also I like the idea of disconnecting the trailer so I can still do regular rides.
    Has anyone had experience with putting a dog in a trailer? Not sure how the dog will react, i.e. is it going to bounce him around too much to be enjoyable. I've noticed some trailers with 2 wheels and some with a single wheel (Uni-trak, etc. ) I like the idea of the single wheel, I think it would corner better, but it may throw the dog around too much.
    I saw one company that had a trailer that looked like a mini horse trailer with side windows and back window and solar powered fan to keep the dog cool. Quite the rig. Seemed kind of big however.
    I'll stop here before I ramble too much. Hope to hear about other peoples experiences with dogs.

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    I once saw a cruiser pulling a boxer in a trailer. The poor dog looked utterly stressed out by every turn and bump!

    Goldens (I have four of my own) are such incredibly social creatures the only form of punishment I ever use is a "time out." Not sure how Barley would handle being in a situation where we couldn't make eye contact, couldn't reach out and touch one another.
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    Bushtec manufactures a trailer for pets/'s called the Tow-Tow and looks like a great way to take Rover on your road trip

    My bride and I purchased a Bushtec Trailer this year, and I have to check the rear view mirrors to make sure it's still there, thats how well it tows......

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    How old is this dog you are getting?

    Do you know if he/she will like riding in a car? How about a truck bed....?

    If the dog doesn't like riding in trailer, how will you resolve?

    Remember, the trailer doesn't ride quite as smooth as bike...

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    Yeah, I probably am getting ahead of myself, the dog isn't even born yet. I have a deposit on a future puppy and won't get him until April. Just planning ahead to all the things we could do together. That's what happens when you're retired and don't have a life (or is it, "now you can live your life").
    So I'm thinking I could train him early to get use to the bike.
    After I posted the original question I did run across the Bushtec, Tow-tow trailer. looked like quite the rig. And the more I think about it, the more I think 2 wheels would be better than the Uni single wheel trailer, to help keep the trailer stable for the dog. The Buchtec trailer people also talk about their great shocks, which is another good thing for the dog. Only problem is I would have about $4,000 invested by the time you get everything, and still not know if the dog will like it. I'm still hoping to hear from someone who has tried a trailer with their dog.
    You would have the "eye contact" with the dog with a sidecar rig, but not sure I want to go there.
    Thanks for your input guys.

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    Ernie grew up from 8 weeks old in the back of my work truck in Santa Fe, and got used to going everywhere with me. He was my constant companion. When I pulled the bike out of the shed his first spring, he just stood there wagging his tail, looking at me like "don't I get to go?". I picked him up and sat him in my lap, and after about 1/2 block all was good. He used to lay down on the tank, and put his front paws on either side of the instruments and ride all day. Ol Ern had a lot of miles on a motorcycle! He would lean into corners, turn around and lick my glasses for me (usually after I bit him on the ear), and guard the bike while parked.
    I miss ol Ern.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMURRISH145993 View Post
    {snip}...Only problem is I would have about $4,000 invested by the time you get everything, and still not know if the dog will like it...{snip}
    Yeah but with the hatch that covers, you still have a dynamite, weather-tight storage trailer!

    I've thought about the Tow-Tow, but my dog and I are so close, I'm in Pete's camp: I want to see him at a side glance. What ever you do, get the pup used to goggles (the Doggles brand seem durable and secure-fitting) so his/her eyes are protected if his/her face is open to the wind.

    My rather large pup likes to ride in the MINI with the sun roof open and "periscope" his head out the opening. Getting him used to the goggles at 3-years old is a constant effort.
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    The good news is, you are getting him/her as a puppy and would be able to get him acclimated slowly and it is quite possible he/she will adjust. I would first get him/her use to being in a car. Let us know how it works out if you do get the trailer, I have an Akita and the idea is tempting.

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    I purchased a Tow tow from Bushtec late last November for my 6 year old black lab/great dane (110lbs). I expect he'll do very well in the trailer. He has had some sessions practicing getting him used to walking into and out of the trailer and sitting. I can't wait for spring to get here to start him riding in it.

    I'm going to build a "bird cage" for the tow tow so I don't have to tether him. As long as he can get comfortable, I'm quite certain he'll just curl up and sleep on the ride. (as he does right now for a car or truck ride). He loves to go for car rides, but is snoring before we get 2 miles from home. Its just the act of getting to be with me that he enjoys...

    I expect the trailer to allow me to do many more weekend camping trips. No more worries trying to find a dog sitter.

    Good luck with the decision..

    BTW Bushtec custom made a hitch for my K1200GT, they plan on offering that as a product. Andrew was quite impressed with the K1200GT's ability to pull the trailer when he took it for a test ride.

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    I wouldn't even consider putting any of my dogs in a trailer. In a side car, at least you can look at each other.
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    -Tom (KA1TOX)

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