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Thread: Klim ds traverse suit review

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    Klim ds traverse suit review

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    Thanks for sharing.
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    One week ownership

    So in the week I have owned this suit I have commuted in -4 degree Celsius and have been hit with down pours. Mind you the long ride I have yet to do...all I am doing right now is commuting to of a little over 2 hours a day. I LOVE this suit that I have found some gear that meet most of my expectations. Most important one to me is to stay dry outside in. The armour and the fact i do not feel like a football player is just awesome. My set up is working for the cold with no bulky feeling. Just my LDComfort underwear all week long and Gerbing heated liner and gloves. I wear Rev it Apache H2O boots with a wool blend sock. This layering is light and simple. So simple it works and the suit is doing its job.

    Next things I am going to be watching for is how the material holds up the rest of the winter. Try to get some decent long rides in some rain to see how the waterproofing stands up the our rain forest weather. See hoe long I can keep myself warm without adding a thing to my routine.

    The I said so comfortable except the contoured arms. The forearm is a little snug with the Gerbing but not uncomfortable. I feel more visible in the gray colour and just safer because my should checks are really clear from my shoulder pads like i have on my Rev'it Pro jacket.

    Love it! and I think this is such a tomboy suit for the women out there that do not gravitate towards pinks and flowers.

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    So, I think it is fair to say this suit can qualify as a 4 season suit...

    I am also replacing the CE back armour with this because my trunk is not very long and the CE just seems to be just that....too long!

    If this does not feel right we might go with the D3o back pad.

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    I have lost some weight and although my pants and jacket still fit if i keep going with whatever weight goal I achieve i am going to need to downsize. i can tell the jacket is getting looser and the pants the same. i am still in the zone where it is OK for now but in the end I guess no big deal if I need to get anther whole suit. I could sell this one.

    I have had the suit for over a month now...and there is really nothing negative to say about it. Although it is just a shell I have learned this winter how to "layer" properly and stay warm and dry. The amount of rain I have been riding in some would say you are nuts but really when you are riding with a suit that protects you it is all relative to me at least. As for visibility my neighbour was driving next to me on the road yesterday on my way home from work and she said I was visible all right but not obnoxious looking. She said with the reflective tape on my bike, the LED aux lights and my suit her attention was brought to my direction. That is great to hear.

    BTW....just about 5 1/2 months to go before our adventure up north begins! 40 days of nothing but the two of us and our bikes.

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    Suspenders will help with the pants. They allow great freedom of movement without the bunch up at the waist.
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    I am hoping in the end suspenders would not even do the trick....hoping the weight slides off but thanks for the advise!

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