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    Does anyone make a decent laced motorcycle boot? I am looking for something with at least ankle protection, 8 inch or taller, and a lug, semi-flat sole, preferably replaceable. Something like a Bates, but built for riding. I currently rides with Bates durashocks or Double H engineers.

    I have seen a few that I would like, if they weren't loaded with metal accouterments (Harley style).

    Oh, "made in the USA" would go a long way as well.


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    You might want to look at Cruiserworks Cruiser Boots. I've owned a pair for years and they are comfortable and waterproof and can be resoled. They have the usual safety stuff for the ankles, toes,etc. Mine were comfortable from day one and you can walk long distances in comfort.

    They are (or at least used to be) made in the USA. I think the company is in one of the Carolinas.

    Another option is Cabelas. They have several types of lacers.

    Most expensive solution is a pair of custom made lacers. There is a company in Spokane that is well known for quality and fit. I've forgotten the name but a Google search will turn them up

    Hope this helps.

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    Take a look at Russell Boots in Berlin, WI. The make a single buckle motorcycle boot but also make several types of lace up boots that would meet your requirements. The boots are handmade and made to measure. Delivery time is usually a couple of months. Pricey but will last a lifetime. I have several pairs and have one one pair of chukkas resoled at least 6 times and they still look like new. I think the website is
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    My only advice regarding boots it to be certain that they have a Gortex liner and can be re-soled.
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    You're probably thinking of White's Boots. Great work gear, I had a pair of Smoke Jumpers custom cut; $475. I'm a big guy and operate heavy equipment; I've never owned a better pair of boots. But they're strictly work boots... no way suitable for riding a BMW. A Harley, more suitable. IMO

    Russell Boots aka: Russell Moccasin Co.

    Nice change from the normal "engineer's boot".

    Cruiser Works men's Defender model is great looking boot to me, but at $269 they're out of my range right now. The soles look thicker than the Russell product.

    I've been looking for a "service boot" with laces and side zip. They're also called a "tactical boot". Most aren't truly waterproof, but I only intend to use them more as "cheap" daily rider boot. Military is a good place to check them all out.

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    Joe Rocket makes a lace up boot with lug soles, shifter pads, ankle protection. I use mine for around town. Very comfy. Like them so much that I re-soled them when they wore down. Inexpensive too - my memory is ~$100. Made in Romania (isn't that around North Dakota somewhere?).
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