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Thread: Side Car Motivation.

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    Side Car Motivation.

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    Looks kind of like the ad for Hobie 14's back in the late 60's only it was on one hull.

    I spent a lot of time sailing that way when I was younger.
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    That's easy! Let's see him do that in the other direction ...

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    A decade or so ago, we concluded a sidecar instructor prep course, and to unwind, some of us started wondering whether a rig with reverse gear could be flown backwards. The Russians like to show off by flying the car with a flat tire. The passenger reaches out, removes the wheel, and grabs a wheel that's offered by another rig. We figured, that's not really amazing. What if we could fly the car up to a stop, then bang back into reverse and fly backwards.

    So, some of the instructors took Dan Irazari's Dnepr behind the fences at the rally site, to attempt it. I volunteered first, and managed about 10 feet before the car suddenly snapped up, heaving me off. I was almost pinned underneath, but managed to get a boot up and the rig off me while the others were sprinting out in shock to see how badly I was maimed. I tried the maneuver again, with the same results, each time bending the left footpeg forward as it dug into the dirt.

    The problem when flying in reverse is that the front end becomes the rear end, and it's just about impossible to balance on two wheels using a steerable "rear" wheel. (remember the infamous "backwards bike" built for NHTSA?) Note that in reverse the "rear" wheel has negative trail, so the wheel wants to caster around 180 degrees.

    One of the older farts managed to keep it balanced for maybe 20 feet , with short "bursts" of clutch, before getting tossed off.

    If anyone has managed to fly a 2WD Ural or Dnepr for a longer distance, I'd sure like to see a video clip of it.


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    I don't know if it's 'moto-vational'... But is sure is true!
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